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Bayview bedroom

Sleep in Style: How to Choose the Perfect Bed Frame

Your bedroom is your oasis at the end of a long day, so your bed should be comfortable. Follow these tips to choose a headboard and frame.

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How to Furnish Small Spaces with Multitasking Furnishings  

You want to enjoy a spacious, comfortable living space. Try these simple tips for using an adjustable height table for a less cramped feel. 

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Aurelia Sofa with Leveni

Living Room Style: How to Find the Perfect Modern Coffee Table

A modern coffee table adds a lot of style to a contemporary living room. Learn how to pick the right one for your space.

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Gray Hensley sofa with blue, yellow and red spectrum pillows

How to Choose the Best and Most Comfortable Sleeper Sofa for Your Home or Apartment

Sleeper sofas add space when you have extra guests. Here’s how to choose the most comfortable sleeper sofa for your home or apartment.

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Dorian square black dining table with light gray Keagan dining chairs with metal legs

How to Choose a Dining Room Table for Your Home or Apartment

Your dining table is the place where everyone comes together for a meal and conversation. Make sure you get the right table by following these shopping tips.

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Everett metal urban industrial headboard in a white bedroom with a sunny window

How to Choose a Bed: 5 Handy Tips

Aside from basic size and style, what are the most important factors when you're considering how to choose a bed? This how-to guide can help you decide.

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Hendrick Mid-Century Danish Modern credenza console table in sunny living room with a wooden floor

How to Add Mid-Century Accents to Complement Your Home

Love mid-century modern style, but you don't want your home to look dated? Learn how to add accents like a mid-century credenza for the right look.

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How to Choose the Perfect Mattress

Adults should get between seven and nine hours of sleep each night, according to the American Sleep Association. To make sure you're comfortable and snug for the right amount of sleep, it's important to have a great mattress.

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How to Decorate Your Living Room with Accent Chairs

To create an inviting living room, you need more than just a sofa and a coffee table. Accent chairs add extra seating, style, color, and a punch of personality to any living space.

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How to Make Sure Your Furniture Will Fit in Every Room 

Putting furniture together in a way that flows nicely and fits in proportion to the room can be a bit challenging. Fortunately, it’s really easy to figure out the right furniture arrangement for a room of any size.

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Pack It Up: How to Prepare for Moving to a New City

How to Shop for the Ideal Desk for Your Working Style 

Choosing the right desk can enhance workflow and turn your office into a showplace to impress visitors and coworkers.

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Living room arrangement with red chairs and a circular coffee table.

How to Find the Right Accent Piece for Your Living Room Space 

Wondering what are nesting tables? Learn all about these tables and other accent pieces for living room décor. 

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How to Choose the Right Table: Is a Convertible Dining Table Right for Your Space? 

Hosting big dinner parties can be a challenge in small spaces, but it isn't impossible. Learn more about choosing a dining table with this guide.

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Stylish Sleeping: How to Choose a New Bed and Tips for Bedroom Arrangement 

From picking a frame to choosing the right size, buying a new bed can be a challenge. If you want to know how to choose a new bed, follow this handy guide. 

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Person on couch wearing yellow tshirt holding phone

How to Experience the Freedom of Owning Nothing

Opting to rent your furniture instead of owning is a new way of embracing minimalism in your life. Learn more ways to embrace the freedom of owning nothing in your life.

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cell phone with recycling symbol and reusable bag

How to Live Sustainably

Small changes can make a big difference. Learn more about eco-friendly living with these six tips for living sustainably.

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Contemporary Living Marley with Hendrick Loft

How to Design for a Flexible Home

Did COVID-19 turn your home into a school, an office and your sanctuary away from the virus? Learn what you need to do to create a harmonious space for everyone.

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woman working at computer

How to Decorate a Long-Term Work-from-Home 'Office'

Millions of people are working from home. But you can't stay productive and comfortable working at the kitchen table. Discover how to set your home office up for success.

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How to Overcome Common Living Room Design Dilemmas

Does your living room size or shape leave you scratching your head? Learn how to solve five common living room dilemmas here to overcome your design challenges.

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How to Create a Home Office and Guest Room

Think it’s impossible to have a comfortable workspace that doubles as a cozy spot for your guests to call home while they’re visiting? Learn how with these nine ideas.

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How to Make a Studio Apartment Feel Larger

Whether it’s a drop-leaf table in the kitchen or nesting tables in the living room, multi-functional furniture can improve your studio apartment's look.

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