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How to Decorate Your Living Room with Accent Chairs

To create an inviting living room, you need more than just a sofa and a coffee table. Accent chairs add extra seating, style, color, and a punch of personality to any living space. When shopping for an accent chair, it helps to know how to pick a style and where to place it in the room. Take advantage of these handy tips for decorating your living room with accent chairs. 

How to Choose an Accent Chair

You should always keep a few considerations in mind when shopping for furniture. For example, when choosing an accent chair for your living room follow these four easy rules. 
  1. Try the chair to make sure it's comfortable for (most) anyone, from your 6-foot-tall husband to your 5-year-old niece. 
  2. Check your potential purchase for good construction and durability. 
  3. Although the exact design is your personal preference, make sure it complements your living room style and color scheme. 
  4. Before shopping for furniture, always remember to measure your space.  

Selecting the Right Material

Living room chairs come in all types of materials. Take time to think about which materials may work best for your living space.


This breathable, natural fiber is often blended with other materials like polyester, nylon, or linen for extra durability and soil resistance. The best blends feature between 45 percent and 65 percent cotton. 


Made from natural flax, linen is smooth and soft but very durable. This fabric is also pill-resistant and repels moths. For better flexibility, linen is often blended with cotton.  


Available in natural and synthetic forms, silk is a soft and luxurious fabric. Because it's susceptible to soiling, stains, and tears, this fabric works best in child-free and pet-free settings. Place silk chairs away from windows, as sunlight can cause fading. 


Manufactured from the hair of sheep and other animals, wool is a sturdy, natural fabric. For extra durability and a chair that is easier to clean, choose wool with a synthetic blend. 


Made from tanned animal hide, leather varies in value. For the highest quality furniture, choose full-grain leather made from the full animal hide or top-grain leather, which is created from the top layers of the animal hide. 


Made from tightly woven polyester, microfiber is soft and easy to clean. It's also durable and moisture resistant and has a suede-like appearance. 

Styles of Accent Chairs and Where to Use Them

Accent chairs allow you to bring your own personal style to your living room. Discover several different chair types, and learn where to place them for the greatest impact. 

Wingback Chair

With padded, winged sides and a tall back, this chair is heavy and durable. A wingback chair looks great next to the fireplace and offers comfy reading when parked near a bay window. 

Barrel Chair

The curved back of a barrel chair hugs its occupant, which makes it a great option for a cozy conversation area. 

Slipper Chair

With no arms and a low height, the slipper chair works well in living rooms with limited space. For extra elegance, choose one made from soft velvet, or make a statement with a bold, graphic print. 

Club Chair

With generous arms and a roomy, deep seat, a club chair offers easy, comfortable style and suits users of any size or shape. Place it perpendicular to a large sofa, or angle two club chairs across from a couch. 
Actor Robert De Niro once said, "If it's the right chair, it doesn't take too long to get comfortable in it." To find the right chair for your living room, take advantage of these tips, and check out the variety of stylish options available at CORT Furniture Rental, and experiment with a few styles to see what works best in your space.