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Rethink your workplace through design.

Office Spaces

Private Office

Desks, seating, credenzas, and shelving ensure multiple leadership styles will thrive with these high-performing private office furnishings.

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Open Work Areas

Think outside the cube with innovations and customizations in seating, privacy dividers, and desks that lead to truly responsive open work spaces.

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Office to home cycle

Flexible Office Space

From office to home, the traditional workspace continues to evolve. Find out more on how to make both work for your needs.

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3D rendering of a home office

Home Office

Bring the comforts of the office into the home for your employees.

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Meeting Spaces

Lobby Areas

Make your best first impression with a brand-forward reception area that is welcoming and comfortable. Plush and upholstered seating, tables and colorful accents add warmth to your welcome.

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Conference Rooms

Host a meeting of the minds in a conference room environment that serves all your business needs. Drive progress in every gathering with mobile and stationary tables, seating, and accents that promote comfort and collaboration.

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Training Rooms

Personal training takes on a whole new meaning with configurable mobile and caster-based furniture components like tables, seating, and technology accessories.

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Lounge Spaces


Design your break area to be the office oasis with tables, chairs, stools, and accessories, and create a space where employees will love to gather.

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Indoor Lounge Areas

Empower them with a new way to work and rev up productivity with functional and comfortable mini-environments, filled with seating options for individual thinking and one-on-one conversations.

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Outdoor Areas

Encourage blue sky thinking with a furnished outdoor area. Design your outdoor space to be an employee destination with seating, tables, and planters and then let Mother Nature do the rest.

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