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Rent the Shape Chair

Shape Chair

24"W x 22"D x 32"H

Rent the Boardwalk Smoke Blue Chair

Boardwalk Smoke Blue Chair

21"W x 19"D x 34"H

Rent the Blanca Chair

Blanca Chair

26"W x 27"D x 27"H

Rent the Brody Chair

Brody Chair

29"W x 33"D x 32"H

Rent the Malibu Chair

Malibu Chair

32"W x 27"D x 32"H

Rent the Eames Chair

Eames Chair

23"W x 18"D x 32"H

Rent the Giada Chair

Giada Chair

19"W x 19"D x 31"H

Rent the Mila Swivel Chair

Mila Swivel Chair

30"W x 31"D x 28"H

Rent the Marco Chair - Black

Marco Chair - Black

31"W x 30"D x 30"H

Rent the Levi Chair

Levi Chair

32"W x 29"D x 36"H

Rent the Boardwalk Turquoise Chair

Boardwalk Turquoise Chair

21"W x 19"D x 34"H


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