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Primary Material

Leg Material

Rent the Desmond Sofa

Desmond Sofa

30"D x 28"H x 64"W

Rent the Emerson Sofa

Emerson Sofa

38"D x 30"H x 86"W

Rent the Biscayne Sectional Sofa

Biscayne Sectional Sofa

99"D x 35"H x 117"W

Rent the Conway Sofa

Conway Sofa

43"D x 36"H x 88"W

Rent the Austin Sofa

Austin Sofa

37"D x 38"H x 83"W

Rent the Burton Geo Sofa Sleeper

Burton Geo Sofa Sleeper

37"D x 35"H x 82"W

Rent the Ballard Sleeper Sofa

Ballard Sleeper Sofa

38"D x 37"H x 63"W

Rent the Heath Pillow Chaise

Heath Pillow Chaise

59"D x 32"H x 24"W

Rent the Watson Sofa

Watson Sofa

39"D x 36"H x 86"W

Rent the Greyson Sofa

Greyson Sofa

38"D x 35"H x 77"W

Rent the Burton Geo Sofa

Burton Geo Sofa

37"D x 35"H x 82"W

Rent the Levi Sleeper Sofa

Levi Sleeper Sofa

27"D x 36"H x 77"W


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