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Should you rent or purchase office furniture?


How will you access furniture for your workplace? Which direction will meet your needs quickly, efficiently and offer you the most flexibility in the long term? Follow these steps to help determine your needs.


Needs Analysis

Determine how much furniture may cost by researching the options that best fit your square footage, office function, needs of your people and your brand.

Do Research
Get Budgetary Quotes
Create a Space Plan
Do Research
Get Budgetary Quotes
Create a Space Plan

Ownership or Access to Furniture

Do you want to spend money from your capital or operating budget?

Should you buy it, lease it or rent it? How much will capital cost you? What are your finance and payment options?

What else might you want to spend your capital on to get an ROI?


Ownership Considerations

Have you calculated the hidden costs of owning furniture long term?
How do these variable costs and operational responsibilities impact your company's short and long term goals?
What are the long-term costs of owning furniture?

Future State

How much change do you envision over the next 3 to 5 years? How do you accommodate unanticipated change?

Is your work environment fixed, flexible or fluid? Do you need to stay nimble?

What business risks do you face that may affect your workplace?

How might your business growth goals influence your work place?


Value of Access to Furniture

Saving capital will allow you to support future growth and get ahead of the competition.

Impress your customers, attract new talent and keep your employees happy with a work environment that matches their needs.

Lowering costs during times of change or transition becomes an option.

Easily accommodate change, planned or unanticipated.

With more financial flexibility you can channel capital to business-critical opportunities.

Maintain financial stability when profitability fluctuates.

Reduce your cost per square foot and make the most use of your real estate investment.

Rental is green and green is good for the environment.



If you want to save capital and reduce costs, while keeping your options open, then furniture rental is the right answer for your business.


If you have the capital, are willing to take on ownership costs, responsibilities and envision little to no changes in your workplace, then ownership is a good fit for your business.

We're ready to get to work.

Think renting is the right option for your organization?

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