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What you need to know to grow your business with CORT.

Renting furniture from CORT can be a great option for the multifamily industry looking to provide flexible living arrangements to prospective prospects. With cost savings, flexibility, quality, and convenience, CORT can help you attract and retain residents who are looking for a more independent and flexible lifestyle.


What's more important to residents?

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On-demand Services

Embracing the sharing economy for pretty much everything.

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Ability to change in an instant with all the benefits of ownership.

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The Environment

Doing business with co-conscious brands that recycle and promote reuse.

Make Furnished Apartments Your Top Amenity.

No other amenity gets more usage -- provides more NOI -- than furniture rental. Here’s how it impacts your business and gives you the competitive edge:


Improve Resident Attraction


Furnished apartments are an expectation by many – stay in renters consideration set by offering this strategic selling tool.


Extend Lease Duration


Enable furnished apartments for as long as residents want – providing the ultimate in flexibility and choice.


Increase Net Operating Income


Rent furniture when needed rather than laying out the capital up front for furnishings that may not be right and will need to be maintained over time.


More ways furniture rental can enhance your community amenities

With CORT you can offer on demand amenities to deliver new revenue streams, grow your business and retain residents longer.

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Create furnished work areas so residents have different WFH (Work from Home) options on property.

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Offer guest suites to resident's visitors giving them the convenience of not putting friends and family at a hotel.

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Welcome short-term business travelers who don't want the daily grind, or public nature, of a long-term hotel stay.

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Furnish hard to lease apartments so potential renters can visualize their new home.

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Find out how CORT saved one community $64,800 every month in rent that would have otherwise gone unpaid.

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The Takeaway:

Drive new revenue streams with CORT Furniture as an Amenity.

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Improve resident attraction and retention.

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Extend lease duration.

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Increase net operating income.

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