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General FAQs


How does furniture rental with CORT work?

The CORT Furniture Rental process is designed to be as easy and painless for you as possible. We will handle as much or as little as you want, always with our CORT Commitment™ in mind.

Step 1: Choose your location and how long you'd like to rent.
Step 2: Select your furniture.
Step 3: Place your order on or in your local showroom.
Step 4: Schedule your delivery.
Step 5: When you are done renting, call and schedule a pickup.


Does CORT offer a subscription service?

Subscribe to Furniture On Your Terms™. Furniture rental with CORT enables you to opt-in, swap, opt-out, return and purchase, so your furniture doesn’t own you.


With furniture on your terms you can enjoy the freedom to move when you need to, or just change it up when you want to. When your situation changes, embrace life's opportunities without letting furniture weigh you down.

Should I rent or buy?

If you’re unsure of your next move, or just don’t want to be tied down to owning furniture right now, Furniture On Your Terms lets you rent based on your situation. It’s all up to you!


When you’re ready, you can purchase from one of our CORT Furniture Outlets where you have access to high-quality gently used furniture at very affordable prices.

What are CORT's minimum requirements for renting

CORT has a monthly minimum requirement that will vary depending on a combination of 2 factors: the location you are renting your furniture from (NYC is more expensive than Roanoke, VA) and how long you would like to rent (the longer you rent the lower the monthly minimums). Your shopping cart will include a notification if you have not met the minimum requirement for your order.

Can I buy my furniture at the end of my lease?

Sure! CORT offers you the option to buy your furniture once your original lease term has expired. While your monthly payments are not put toward your purchase price, CORT will offer the furniture to you at a discounted price.

Does CORT rent furniture for less than 1 month?

CORT's minimum lease term is one month for both residential and workplace furniture rental. However, if you have a shorter-term need, our CORT Events division may be able to help you.

Does CORT rent single pieces of furniture?

Yes, but monthly minimum requirements may apply.

Do you offer Renters Insurance? If Yes, what does it cover? What is CORT's Customer Protection Plan?

CORT offers a Customer Protection Plan that covers you from damage or loss due to fire, flood, tornado and earthquake. The Customer Protection Plan also covers up to $250 in damages to the furniture.


It does not cover damage or loss caused by theft, disappearance, gross negligence, misuse or abuse (including damage by cigar or cigarette burns and pets).

Do I have to pay for CORT's Customer Protection Plan when I have renter’s insurance?

You can request a 'Certificate of Insurance' (COI) listing CORT as an additional insured or a "Loss Payee" on your renters’ insurance. Otherwise it is an automatic charge added to your monthly payment.

Is CORT's website secure?

Yes. CORT protects your personal information and will not share it with third parties. Our secure servers protect your information using advanced encryption and firewall technology throughout the ordering process. No personal credit card information is ever stored on CORT's servers.

What is CORT's Privacy Policy?

For more information, please visit CORT's Privacy Policy page.

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Rent for Home


Does CORT only rent brand new furniture?

CORT's Furniture Rental inventory may have been previously rented by other customers. We purchase millions of dollars in new furniture every year, moving furniture no longer in showroom condition to our Furniture Outlets. With a heightened emphasis on safety, our product care, cleaning and maintenance help ensure that every piece of furniture we deliver to you is clean, sanitized and in showroom condition, or we won't rent it!


Our furniture rental model keeps more greenhouse gases out of the atmosphere, so when you rent or buy from CORT, you’re making the world a little greener. Renting extends the life of every piece, keeping more furniture out of landfills and reducing the amount of greenhouse gas produced.

What if I am unhappy with the furniture delivered?

If you are unhappy with any of the furniture delivered, let us know within one week of delivery and we will exchange it for you.

What if something is not available at the time of delivery?

If something you ordered is not available, we will call you to discuss substitution options. You can exchange the substituted item after your original selection is back in stock at no additional charge.

Does CORT rent housewares and appliances?

Yes! CORT offers housewares packages containing all the items you'll need for your kitchen, bathroom and bedroom so your place is ready to move in - all you need is a toothbrush!


We also rent electronics, including TVs and major appliances like refrigerators, washers, dryers and microwaves.

What is a Move-in Ready™ package?

The Move-in-Ready package is designed to help you furnish your entire home with a few simple clicks. Just select your preferred package and our team of expert designers will select the furniture for your living room, dining room and bedroom. We can even deliver and set up your furniture before you arrive - leaving you to enjoy your new furnishings hassle-free.

What is in a Student or Military Package?

CORT's Student and Military packages are similar to our Move-in Ready packages but are created with the built-in discounts that we offer students and active duty military personnel. Each package consists of a living room, dining room and bedroom set of showroom-condition pieces. CORT offers three different package options to suit your individual space and lifestyle needs.

If I don't need all of the pieces in a furniture package, does the monthly rate change?

No. However, we are able to make limited substitutions if your space or lifestyle needs require different pieces in a given package.

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Do you give discounts to active duty military?

Yes, and we thank you for your service. The pricing reflected in the Military packages includes special discounts.

Do you give discounts to veterans?

Yes, and we thank you for your service. Please contact us at 1.888.360.2678 for details.

What happens if I am ordered to relocate before my lease expires?

At CORT, we are proud to help active duty military families adjust to change quickly. If you meet any one of the following qualifications, we can release you from your contract with a simple 30-day written notice:

  • The lease holder has received change-of-station orders 75 miles or more from the warehouse that delivered the lease.
  • The lease holder is discharged, released from, retires, or separates from the military.
  • The lease holder is deployed for more than 90 days.

I have roommates. How many names can be on a Lease?

Typically, we will only put one name on a lease. If you need to put more than one name on a lease, please contact your local CORT showroom.

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Who is eligible for the special pricing on the Student packages?

CORT's student package pricing is available to students accepted to college, enrolled in college, parents renting for college students, or faculty and staff with a valid ID, proof of enrollment, or proof of employment from a college, university or career school.

I am a student, but the credit card I am using is in my parent's name. Whose name should I put the Lease under?

The lease should be in the name of the person paying the monthly invoice. If you are using a credit card with your parent's name on it, the lease should be put under that name.

I have roommates. How many names can be on a lease?

Typically, we will only put one name on a Lease. If you need to put more than one name on a Lease, please contact your local CORT showroom.

What is CORT's Student Referral Program?

CORT's Student Referral Program offers students a $50 gift card for each customer that is referred to CORT and signs a lease. CORT will send a $50 gift card to both the referrer and the new customer.

Can CORT provide information on student furniture rental in other languages?

Yes! Please click on one of the documents below for information:

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CORT Furniture Outlet


Does CORT purchase furniture from individual sellers?

No. We maintain our high standards with inventory through a rigorous quality control process. If you are interested in becoming a CORT vendor, please call our Corporate Office at 703.968.8500.

If I like the furniture I'm renting, can I buy it?

Sure! CORT offers you the option to buy your furniture once your original lease term has expired. While your monthly payments are not put toward your purchase price, CORT will offer the furniture to you at a discounted price.

If I buy furniture at a CORT Furniture Outlet, can it be delivered?

Yes! CORT Furniture Outlets offer you the option to pick up your furniture OR have it delivered for a fee.

Does CORT sell new furniture?

This varies by location. Most of our CORT Furniture Outlet inventory has been previously leased and gently used.

How does product grading and pricing work in CORT Outlets?

Throughout all CORT Furniture Outlets we rate the quality of the furniture being sold using the following grading scale. Pricing and discounts reflect the furniture grade.

Grade A: Showroom condition, rental quality. Offered for sale when overstocked.
Grade B: Near Showroom condition. This furniture does not meet our high rental standards. A great value in the CORT Outlet!
Grade C: Minor, but noticeable imperfections. The greatest Value!
Grade D: Noticeable wear and tear. The lowest price on very serviceable furniture!

Where are CORT's Furniture Outlets located?

CORT has Furniture Outlets located across the U.S. Use our store locator or visit the CORT Furniture Outlet website to find a location near you!

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Rent for Office


I can only request a quote for my office order - why can't I finalize my order online?

CORT understands that smart investments in your business are key to its success. Our experienced workplace solutions specialists evaluate your situation to deliver a solution tailored to your needs. Due to this high level of customer service interaction, we do not offer a full checkout service for workplace/office online orders.

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Cleaning Process


What is your process for cleaning your inventory?

Our highest priority is the safety of our customers and our employees. That is why we have enhanced our already stringent CORT Clean Certified™ process for our products to prove our commitment to our customers and our employees wellbeing and provide added peace of mind.. For more details, please visit our "Clean Certified” page.

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Managing Your Lease


Does CORT require a credit check?

Orders placed with a debit card require a credit check and may require a security deposit. Orders placed with an international credit card require additional document collection and may also require a security deposit.

Does CORT require a security deposit?

Some circumstances apply where a security deposit is necessary, including orders placed online with a debit card that may also require a credit check. For orders placed online with an international credit card, we will need to collect additional documents as well as a security deposit.

What forms of payment does CORT accept?

CORT accepts all major U.S. credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, Discover, AMEX, JCB and Diner's Club) as well as bank debit cards and internationally issued credit cards. Currently, we do not accept PayPal, Apple Pay and Amazon Pay.

How do I change my credit card on file?

Contact your CORT Administrator.

Am I required to sign up for Auto-Pay?

No. While all rental orders completed online are automatically enrolled in Auto-Pay, you can contact your local showroom to have this switched to manual payment. Please keep in mind if you choose to decline Auto-Pay, you will be required to provide a security deposit based on the results of your credit check.

Can I request an exchange or add-on after I've signed my Lease?

Sure! Please contact your local showroom if you need to make changes to your lease after you've signed it.

What are my options at the end of my lease?

When your lease term ends, you have a few options:

  • You can do nothing and keep renting.
  • You can swap your furniture for a new look.
  • You can opt-out and return your furniture by scheduling a pickup.
  • You can buy some or all of the pieces you just can't live without and return the rest.

With CORT, you truly have access to furniture on your terms!

What if I need to end my Lease early?

CORT understands that sometimes things change unexpectedly. We can work with you in some instances to help you fulfill your lease obligations. Please review your Lease Agreement's Early Termination clause and contact your local showroom for more information.

I have questions about my bill. Who do I contact?

Contact your CORT Administrator.

How do I contact my CORT Administrator?

Your monthly invoice will have the phone number to your CORT Administrator. You can also contact your local showroom or our Customer Service line at 1.888.360.2678 to be transferred to your CORT Administrator.

Can I pay my bill online?

Yes. If you are not enrolled in CORT’s Auto-Pay program, you can use our Self-Service Portal to process a one-time payment or sign up to manage your payments. You will need your Customer ID and the invoice number you wish to pay on our "Make a Payment” page.

I am already on Auto-Pay. Can I use the Self-Service Portal?

No. If you have already signed up for Auto-Pay, you will not be able to use our Self-Service Portal.

I am trying to use the Self-Service Portal, but I do not know my Customer ID or my Invoice Number. Where can I find them?

You can find your Customer ID and invoice number in the upper right corner of your current CORT invoice. If you do not have your invoice, you can call us at 1. 833.274.3730 and one of our representatives can locate that information for you.

I am trying to use the Self-Service Portal, but I keep getting an error: Account validation failed. Can I still use this service?

If you are receiving the message "Account validation failed," you will need to speak with your local CORT Administrator to determine the reason. Please contact your local showroom.

Can I remove CORT's Customer Protection Plan from my Lease?

Yes. If you would like to remove CORT's Customer Protection Plan, simply contact your Homeowner or Renter's Insurance provider and request a 'Certificate of Insurance' (COI) listing CORT as an additional insured or a "Loss Payee." You can email a copy of the COI or contact your local showroom if you would prefer to fax it.

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Troubleshooting Your Account


I have a account and I recently set-up a lease with your company. I logged into 'my account' and went to 'my leases'. However, I do not see any leases on the page. What happened?

  • Did you use guest checkout when you created your lease on If so, did you use the same email address for guest checkout and for creating your account on If you used a different email address during checkout, you wouldn't have been able to see the lease in your account on our website.
  • Did you create your lease in the showroom? If so, did you use the same email address as you did when you created your account on If you used a different email address, you wouldn't have been able to see your lease on our website.
  • If none of these possibilities apply to you, please reach out to the Customer Service team at 1.888.360.2678. It may be a technical problem that needs to be fixed by our development team.

I have a account and I want to see all of my leases from the past year. How can I do that?

Unfortunately, you can only view leases that were booked after April 16, 2019 on However, we can show you the leases that were booked after April 16, 2019 as long as your email address matches the email address attached to your lease.

How can I access 'My Leases' on

  • Please visit our homepage and click on 'Rent for Home.
  • Log into your account by going to the person icon in the top right-hand corner and click on 'Log-in'
  • Fill out your credentials
  • You should be taken to your account. The page header will say 'Welcome back to "your name"'
  • Click on 'Leases' in the navigation
  • You should be able to view your leases. The page header will be 'My Leases'

I set up my lease at the showroom. I have never been on How can I see my lease?

You should be able to see leases from the showroom and online if the email address on the lease matches the account and the lease has been booked after April 16, 2019. You will need to create a account in order to see your leases online.

I have a account. I used to be able to see my leases and now they are gone. How can I get them to show up again?

  • Log out of your account. Clear your cookies in your browser history. Log back into your account and go back to 'my leases'.
  • If you still do not see your leases on the page, please reach out to the Customer Service team at 1.888.360.2678. It may be a technical problem that needs to be fixed by our development team.

I have a workplace lease. How can I view my lease on

At this time, we do not have an account management section for your workplace lease. Since there is no account management section, you will not be able to review your lease on


Please reach out to the Customer Service team at 1.888.360.2678. They will be able to put you in contact with a representative who will be able to send you the information you need.

I do not have a account. How do I see my leases?

Please visit "Rent for Home" on our website to create your account.

How do I create an online account on

To manage your lease, go to create an account. Fill out your first name, last name, email address and preferred password. Click the "create an account" button and ta-da, your account has been created!

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Does CORT deliver in my area?

CORT is located in most major cities and has delivered to almost 5,000 cities and towns across the U.S. Check our store locator to see if we deliver in your area.

How much is delivery?

Your delivery charge will be calculated based on a combination of your delivery address and desired delivery date.

How soon can CORT deliver the furniture?

CORT can usually deliver and set up your furniture in as little as 48 hours (Monday-Friday). If you have an urgent need, please call our customer service number: 1.888.360.2678.

Do I need to be home for my scheduled delivery?

No. We just need someone to provide a key or let us in. We will deliver and set everything up so you can come home and settle in.

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Schedule a Pickup


How do I schedule a complete pickup?

Login to your account and select ‘Support’ to submit a pickup request or contact 1-833-981-0080 (option 1) with your lease number and requested pickup date. We ask for 15 calendar days' notice, so we have a better chance to arrange your pickup at your preferred time. The sooner your reach out, the more likely your desired pickup date will be available.

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Other CORT Services


I am relocating within the United States. How can CORT help me?

We've built our business on finding solutions for customers who are relocating. CORT's Destination Services and services can help with anything from simply finding an apartment to obtaining government-issued documentation (such as a driver's license or Social Security card).

I am leaving the US and relocating in another country. Can CORT assist me?

Roomservice by CORTis our furniture rental solutions provider in the UK. CORT also has exclusive partnerships with the leading furniture rental companies in more than 80 countries across the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. Please visit CORT Global for more information.


Does CORT provide Home Staging services?

Yes! CORT Home Staging works with both professional stagers and individuals wanting to stage their own homes.

Does CORT provide furniture for Multifamily Housing?

Whether you need to refresh your model unit, lease up on a new community or start providing the option of furnished apartments, CORT has the right furniture solution for you. We'll help you rent more apartments faster while helping to make your community truly stand out. Partner with us to get what you need, when you need it, with furniture that makes a big difference for your residents.

Can CORT provide furniture for short term events?

Sure! CORT Events can provide solutions for weddings, tradeshows, meetings or other short-term special events.

What other services does CORT offer?

CORT offers solutions for almost any furniture rental need both at home and across the globe. We are there for disaster relief and partnerships with government and national accounts, the CORT Global Network offers services to countries across the America's, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. Roomservice by CORT provides full-service to the UK, and CORT Events and Party Rental make us the premier rental service for events of all sizes.

How do I claim my Reward?

Visit our Apartment Search site to find out how to claim your reward or call us at 1.877.481.2675 if you have any questions!

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Contact Us


How can I contact CORT Customer Service?

Customer Service Phone Hours:

Monday-Friday (8am-8pm CT) and Saturday (9am-5:30pm CT)

Customer Service Chat Hours:

Monday-Friday (8am-8pm CT) and Saturday (9am-5:30pm CT)


U.S.A. customers can call CORT toll free on 1.888.360.2678.

Customers outside of the U.S.A. can call CORT at 1.512.900.6904.

Request Help:

Complete the form below, or @CORTHelp on Twitter.


If you have a question for your local CORT showroom or CORT Furniture Outlet, you can contact them directly. Find your nearest CORT location.


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