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How to Use 3D Shopping on

As in-store purchases continue to move online, the way that we shop has changed. With new advances in technology, online shopping has now been transformed through interactive experiences in 3D and augmented reality (AR).


This is why CORT Furniture Rental is proud to announce our new immersive experience on that brings our furniture directly into your home.


What is 3D Shopping?


3D Commerce is the new way of shopping. This experience integrates augmented and virtual reality to show you an interactive graphic that represents the furniture you would find in your local CORT Showroom. Now, you can view our products from any angle, rotate them, and more right from the comfort of your home.


Who can experience 3D shopping on


CORT’s 3D product results can be viewed on a desktop or mobile device.


The augmented reality experience utilizing CORT’s 3D products is currently supported on the following mobile devices:


  • iPhone on iOS 12+
  • Android 8.0+ with ARCore 1.9 support


How does it work on


3D and AR shopping isn’t just about seeing an object in your home, it’s also about being able to view every single detail and having the peace of mind that the furniture will fit in your space and style.


Navigate to the “3D CORT Products” category under “Rent for Home” on Here you can filter items by price, room, product type or color.


Once you find a product you would like to view, open it to see more then choose between “View in 3D” and “View in your space.”

Visualize Your Space Right Now


We're here every step of the way, whenever you need us. Our true-to-scale technology makes the process of getting a realistic view of how our furniture will look in your home a breeze.