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You need a furniture partner who understands how the entertainment industry really works. Turnarounds are tight, schedules shift and no day on set ever looks the same. From administrative offices to home-like sets, even furnishing talent trailers, we can outfit your whole production. Adding CORT to your crew brings fast, flexible and affordable options for any size job. In this business, having the right furniture is crucial whether it’s needed on camera or behind the scenes.

Everyone to Their Marks

In as little as 48 hours, CORT can deliver, set up and install the exact furniture you need with our professional delivery team. Your furniture rental shouldn’t be a production itself. Plus we’ll take it away when your project’s a wrap.

Off-Script’s a Breeze

When a three-week job turns into a three-month job, you won’t have a problem. We offer flexible agreements, so when your schedule changes, your furniture rental solutions can change with it. If the production ever needs to add or take away pieces, we’ll do whatever it takes to make you happy and make sure the show goes on.

Boost Your Bottom Line

CORT Furniture Rental offers affordable pricing that’s always competitive. We’ll work with you to give you the best value on every piece of furniture you need. Get the answers and look that works for your production and for your budget.

Think of us as your behind-the-scenes furniture team.

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