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4SITE by CORT Space Utilization Sensor Technology and Space Optimization Data


For businesses across the country, understanding how employees are interacting with workspaces has never been more critical. As leases come up for renewal or leadership is evaluating the real estate portfolio, organizations need to understand how the space is being used while keeping employee safety, retention, and a meaningful experience with the workplace in mind. With the right data, informed decisions about the future of the office can be made and implemented with confidence.

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Make informed, data-driven, decisions, not instinctive ones


Taking information gathered through sensors placed throughout your office, 4SITE provides data on the space utilization of offices, desks, and conference rooms.


A world of insight on one page


There are two main questions that are driving decisions about the workplace in today’s environment; “Is the space right for my workforce now?” and just as important, “what type of space is needed for what comes next?” Pulling information together into one simple spreadsheet, the workplace occupancy study data provided from 4SITE offers the insight needed to make actionable decisions with clarity.

Peace of mind is good for business


Creating a working environment where employees can thrive means making decisions that factor in safety and well-being, affordability and efficiency. Having information on how space is being used can keep you from spending on space you don’t need or aren’t getting the most value from.


What's the difference with 4SITE by CORT?


Capture the information necessary to have confidence in your decisions about what is needed for what comes next. A 4SITE occupancy study provides the answers to questions like:

  • How will the use of the office space normalize in the months and years to come?
  • What is the right amount and mix of space for the future office?
  • What configurations work best for my unique workforce?
  • How can my organization mitigate exposure to long term unproductive real estate?

CORT Permanently Flexible® Solutions


Staying nimble in times of uncertainty is never more important than now. Enable your organization to respond effectively to changing and evolving office space needs - which are essential for your workplace to thrive.

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We provide partnering options that fit your unique needs.

Here are two ways to gain the actionable insights that only 4SITE can provide.

laptop with data


Manage everything you need from your 4SITE dashboard, user analytics dashboard and API integration of real time motion events that inform other workplace applications. Contact your 4SITE representative for an exact quote for our specific workspace needs.

computer with data


Want to know if your furniture configurations are working for your workforce? Exclusively for CORT customers, the 4SITE KIT helps you make data-driven decisions to optimize your space, increase employee productivity and limit risk and expenses.


Which occupancy study is right for your business?


The answer is the one that helps you obtain the data you need to drive the most effective decisions.
When comparing against an observational study or a badge study, 4SITE sensor data delivers again and again.


Objective data. Actionable insights. Smarter decisions.


Lease Decisions

No matter what size your business is, 4SITE is an afforable solution that gives you acces to unbiased data about how the workplace is being used so you can make informed data-driven decisions when the time comes for lease renewal or restructuring.


Space Optimization

Is that desk being used? How much time is being spent in the conference room? How will the part time remote, part time in office workforce use the newly reconfigured space? Should we constantly measure utilization to make it the most productive on an on-going basis? 4SITE pulls together unbiased data with user-friendly reporting. Know how the current space is being used so data-driven decisions can be made about how to make the next space more efficient, safe and productive.


Contact Proximity/Tracing

Employees need to feel assured that their safety is of utmost importance in the office. Having a plan in place to assist in monitoring workplace safety is key. Using 4SITE data to track the density within the office and promote social distancing and other precautionary measures between employees can help in providing peace of mind for employees.


CORT Permanently Flexible Solutions

The future office is flexible and enables the workforce to evolve within the space. How do your employees want to interact with space, and each other while at work? If the office is designed in a way that accommodates the needs of the workforce, productivity and engagement increases.


Spot trends and adjust furniture to accommodate shifting workflow by modifying configurations according to how your unique workforce wants to work. Then repeat as desired while limiting financial exposure to unproductive real estate and furniture assets. This is what CORT Furniture-as-a-Service™ and 4SITE by CORT occupancy data can do for you.


4SITE by CORT Blog


Addressing Data and Privacy Concerns with Sensor Technology


Introducing new smart technology to the office can lead to privacy concerns for your employees, and rightfully so. Learn how sensor tech from 4SITE is different.

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