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Learn why furniture rental is the right solution for your time of transition.

Our mission at CORT is to be an indispensable resource to individuals and families who are looking to make a house a home, a home office a great place to work, and an event a memorable celebration.

With Over Four Decades of Experience, We Know Furniture Rental

CORT Delivers Outstanding Service ― Every Time

At CORT, we have a strong commitment to go above and beyond to make sure every single customer is happy. With 47 years in the business and locations across the United States, we provide first class service wherever you are.

Ideal Short or Long-Term Solutions

Whether you’re a corporate commuter, student, stager, or serving in the military, furniture rental is an ideal solution. From several months to several years and everything in between, CORT has the lease term options you need for your stay.

Convenient & Personalized

Personalize your own space by choosing your furniture by the room or by the piece. With CORT's Move-In Ready packages, a trained professional will pick furniture to match your needs and budget.

Seriously Hassle-Free

Your prompt, professional delivery includes a complete furniture package setup down to the last pillow, lampshade, or spoon. CORT Furniture Rental provides a furnished life without compromise or commitment.

No Matter Your Situation, CORT Is Here to Help

Simplify Your Move

Renting furniture is the most convenient option for that on-the go lifestyle, whether you're moving for work, study, or to a new military deployment. Whatever your transition needs may be, CORT is there to make the move as stress-free as possible. We've helped individuals and families across the country settle into to their new lives quickly and easily.