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CORT Permanently Flexible Solutions


In an uncertain world, embedding flexibility into your operations and workplace solutions will provide you with increased agility. This will allow you to adapt your workspace as needed while waiting for medium and long-term office trends to become clear.


The corporate office has evolved

Unpredictable office attendance has left corporate real estate leaders reluctant to make any sudden moves when it comes to long-term decisions about how their people will use the workplace. Smart companies will experiment with space in the months and years to come and plan to keep a portion of their real estate nimble to accommodate shifts in work. CORT provides technology and furniture rental solutions to help you stay flexible, optimize revenue, attract employees back into the office, and improve productivity.

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Four Key Steps

To meet the needs of an evolving workplace, we believe in taking four key steps:

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Get creative and try multiple types of workspace solutions. See what works for your employees with minimum financial risk.

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Utilize 4SITE sensor technology and space utilization data to make informed decisions about your workplace.

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Leverage furniture rental for flexibility and greater cost optimization as your office needs change or you need to try something new.

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Your workspace needs are dynamic and will likely change over time. Being permanently flexible allows you to measure what is working along the way so you can continue to evolve your workplace.

Move Forward Efficiently with 4SITE Data


4SITE sensor technology delivers the workplace utilization data you need in making long-term optimization decisions regarding your office.
This information is key for:

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Lease Expiration and Restructure

Make confident, data-driven decisions about your workplace based on your unique workforce.

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Space Optimization

Remove the guesswork about how your space is used to make your office more efficient and productive.

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Health and Safety

Utilize data to ensure cleaning crews can pay extra attention to areas that need a deeper clean.

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Furnish seamlessly with CORT Furniture-as-a-Service™ (FaaS)


Your office is not a static place – your furniture needs change constantly. Incorporating CORT FaaS provides flexibility to change furniture configurations based on where and how your employees engage in the workspace.


CORT is committed to providing solutions to help your organization meet its goals and to facilitate the face-to-face connectivity that’s so incredibly valuable for collaboration, innovation and company culture.

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