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Primary Material

Rent the Halton 2 Drawer Lateral File
Rent the NEX Box/File Cabinet

NEX Box/File Cabinet

36"W x 24"D x 21"H

Rent the Nex Wardrobe

Nex Wardrobe

30"W x 20"D x 65"H

Rent the NEX 2 Door Cabinet

NEX 2 Door Cabinet

36"W x 20"D x 44"H

Rent the NEX Mobile Pedestal

NEX Mobile Pedestal

18"W x 16"D x 20"H

Rent the NEX Storage Credenza

NEX Storage Credenza

36"W x 24"D x 21"H

Rent the Legal File

Legal File

18"W x 29"D x 26"H

Rent the AOII Mobile Pedestal

AOII Mobile Pedestal

19.20"W x 14.80"D x 23.50"H

Rent the Totem 2 Drawers Lateral File
Rent the STAKS Mobile Pedestal

STAKS Mobile Pedestal

20"W x 16"D x 22"H

Rent the 2 Door Storage Cabinet

2 Door Storage Cabinet

18"W x 36"D x 72"H


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