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Discover tips and tricks to decorate your home, explore the latest style trends, and find out how CORT can help you make your space a home.

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Aurelia Sofa with Leveni

Living Room Style: How to Find the Perfect Modern Coffee Table

A modern coffee table adds a lot of style to a contemporary living room. Learn how to pick the right one for your space.

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Bayview bedroom

Sleep in Style: How to Choose the Perfect Bed Frame

Your bedroom is your oasis at the end of a long day, so your bed should be comfortable. Follow these tips to choose a headboard and frame.

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Morning with coffee or cocoa, books, warm knitted blanket, and Nordic Scandinavian style chair. Hygge concept.

Your Complete Guide: How to Hygge Your Home

Hygge, pronounced “huggah,” is just one of many things the world could learn from the Danish! Understand what it is and how to leverage it in your home.

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Design Guides

Marston credenza in a living room

What Is a Credenza, and Why Should I Buy One?

Credenzas aren't just for the dining room. This versatile piece can easily become a bedroom, office, or living room credenza with a totally new use.

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Ancia Bookcase with Keller

The Stylish Bibliophile: Tips for Choosing and Arranging Bookshelves

Discover ways to organize all your books while keeping your sense of style intact. Check out top tips for arranging bookshelves in your home.

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Solstice Dresser and Chest

18 Stylish and Uncommon Ways to Use a Bedroom Dresser

Dressers are adaptable pieces of furniture. Here's how to use small bedroom dressers to add function to every room in your home.

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7 Things to Consider Before Sharing a Studio as a Couple

Considering sharing a studio apartment as a couple? These 7 things can help you determine if sharing a studio apartment with your partner is right for you.

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The Ins and Outs of Renting Furniture from CORT in College

Planning to move off-campus in the fall? Find out how CORT can help make furnishing your college apartment a breeze.

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Clayton Homes model with CORT Furniture Rental

Design Your Perfect Clayton Home using CORT Furniture Rental

Clayton Homes and CORT Furniture Rental understand that your home is an important place in your life. Check out tips on how to decorate your next space.

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Danish modern Brody with Hendrick

Danish Modern

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Urban industrial Burton Geo with Dane

Urban Industrial

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contemporary living Chelsey sofa with glass on glass table

Contemporary Living

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