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18 Stylish and Uncommon Ways to Use a Bedroom Dresser

A dresser is a staple in your bedroom, but this handy piece of furniture is far more versatile than you may realize. A small bedroom dresser can be used for extra storage space in various rooms around the house. You don't even have to remake the piece unless you simply want to paint it or change out the hardware. Here's how to put various types of dressers to work in your home.

In the Living Room

While you the living room might not necessarily be the first place you think to place a dresser, upon closer reflection, you might wonder why you never before thought of putting it in the most oft-used space in your home.

1. Home bar: Take out drawers to fit stemware. Remove a drawer and place a small wine holder. Put a wine holder on top of the dresser. Add a tray for your other spirits and mixers. The configurations are endless.

2. Entertainment stand: Just about any height dresser works for this purpose. Place your television on the wall or on top of the bureau. To fit a DVD player or other type of device, take out a drawer or two and slide it in, using another piece of wood to anchor the device. You now have instant storage for all those DVDs and CDs you still have.

3. Sofa table: Just as you would a console sofa table, put the back of your sofa and dresser together. It's best to choose a dresser that's the same height, or shorter, than your sofa so it's proportionate.

In the Kitchen and Dining Room

The kitchen and dining room are often the most cluttered rooms in your home — and also the rooms that offer the least amount of storage. Why not explore a few of the options below to help organize and tidy up your cooking and dining areas?

4. Dining room buffet or china cabinet: There's no need to look for a matching sideboard for your dining room set. A dresser adds more personality to your space, and the drawers are perfect for storing dinnerware and napkins.

5. Kitchen island: A counter-height dresser is a perfect option to add a custom island in your kitchen. Anchor a butcher-block piece to the top for added functionality, and paint the back if it's unfinished. Put two identical dressers back to back for a larger island.

6. Coffee/beverage station: If you're always looking for more counter space, look no more. Put a dresser in your kitchen or dining area, and you always have a spacious coffee and beverage center, plus storage for your pantry items.

In the Entry, Mudroom, and Laundry


The entryway, mudroom and laundry room are usually in need of extra storage space. A dresser might be just the thing to transform these spaces into tidy havens of calm.

7. Entry console: A narrow dresser is ideal as a welcoming piece in your entryway or hallway. Add a mirror behind it, and style it as you would any console table.

8. Mudroom catchall: A big dresser is the best place to stash all the scarves, hats, and mittens for winter and the beach towels, water shoes, and snorkeling gear for summer. Just make sure to air out the drawers frequently to avoid any musty odors.

9. Laundry room storage: The working space on top of a low dresser is a blessing in disguise in the laundry room. In the drawers, store socks without partners, dryer sheets, miscellaneous change found in pockets, and anything else that helps you keep your laundry space clear and organized.

In the Bed and Bath

While the bedroom and bathroom are the most traditional spaces to put a dresser, if you think outside the box a bit, you might be surprised at the added utility you can get out of this versatile piece of furniture.

10. Linen storage: A tall dresser is just like having an extra linen closet. Put in all your towels, makeup, beauty supplies, and other items that typically clutter up bathroom counters.
11. Side table in the bedroom: A small, low dresser makes a perfect side table in the bedroom. Gone are the tiny tables that don't hold more than a lamp and phone. Now you can actually have room for a glass of water by your bedside.

12. Foot table in the bedroom: A long, low dresser is perfect when placed at the foot of the bed like a bench or a linen chest. It adds an entire universe of storage space for your bedding.
13.Bathroom vanity: If you're handy or know someone who is, use a dresser as a vanity for a sink. It's a lovely, customized way to add durable storage and style in your bathroom.

14. Nursery changing station: A waist-high dresser that's long and wide is ideal for this idea. Anchor a cushioned changing pad to the top, and stash your diapers and wipes in the drawers. Changing the baby has never been so easy and streamlined. Use the dresser drawers for your growing child's wardrobe.

15. Closet organizer: You don't need to install a pricey closet organizing system. If you have a small enough bedroom dresser, place it inside your closet for instant extra storage.

In the Home Office

Finally, we arrive at the home office. Why use unsightly filing cabinets or more traditional office storage pieces to organize your space when you can use a cozy-looking dresser to achieve the same results?

16. Office credenza: If you're like most people in a working home office, the more storage, the better, especially for supplies.
17. Oversized desk: If you like standing while working, a counter-height dresser is ideal. If your desk has room in front of it, place the back of the bureau to the front of the desk. If it's the same or similar height, you have an oversized work surface with storage. If the bureau is higher than the desk, then you have an instant wall in front of you where you can put up a bulletin board.
18. Craft station: You can now be the most organized sewer or crafter on the block. Take out all the drawers, and slide in labeled baskets of notions, fabrics, and supplies. Put your heavy-duty sewing gear on top for a wobble-free work zone.

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