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How to Choose the Right Table: Is a Convertible Dining Table Right for Your Space?

For people who love to entertain and for those who see a home-cooked meal as the purest expression of love, the right dining table can make any house a home. But what do you do if your available dining space isn't as big as you'd like? That's where convertible tables can really come in handy.

Do You Need a Convertible Table?

Convertible tables may also be known as extendable tables, and they're a great solution for people who live in small spaces but love to entertain large groups. A convertible table typically comes in a smaller size that you can expand and contract by adding or removing a section, or popping up hidden extensions.
This design is beneficial because you can find a table that fits in with the overall size and flow of a room for day-to-day use and then make it larger for special occasions. This allows you to keep the table at a more manageable size when you don't need to seat a large crowd without having to trim dinner party or guest lists at other times.

Size Considerations

The ordinary considerations for dining table size don't completely go out the window when you're shopping for a convertible or extendable table, but there are some additional things to think about. 
First, you need to measure your available dining space, from wall to wall on every side. Think about whether there are furniture pieces in the space that can be moved to accommodate a larger table.
Once you know your dimensions, find a table that leaves at the very least 42 inches between the edge of the table and your wall. Then, figure out what the extended size of the table is and think about how to make that additional length or width work in your space. 
The 42-inch rule allows for people to comfortably push their chairs back from the table without hitting a wall, so you don't want to cut into that too much. You may need to get creative to make sure there's enough room.

Planning for Chairs

One thing that's important to keep in mind when shopping for convertible tables is that you need to figure out your chair situation. You may not be able to fit the full number of seats around the table when the table is at its smallest.
For frequent entertainers who like the freedom to spontaneously convert the table and invite extra guests, you can use your extra dining chairs as seating in your living room, entry way, home office, or bedroom. You may also have some extra closet space or an apartment storage locker where you can stash them when they aren't in use.
Explore the different dining table options from CORT Furniture Rental to see if convertible styles are the best option for your needs. You could give a convertible table a try to see whether it works in your home. If it doesn't, your choice to opt for furniture rental rather than buying gives you the freedom to swap it out for something different without extra hassle.