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How to Furnish Small Spaces with Multitasking Furnishings

When you want to create a streamlined effect in your home, choosing furniture with multiple purposes can make all the difference. In a small space, these adaptable furnishings can determine whether a room looks cramped or full of charm. Even if there's plenty of space, adjustable furniture like an adjustable height table can help you create the style you want without sacrificing functionality.

The Role of Scale in Home Furnishings

Effectively using scale can make the difference between a small living space that feels overstuffed and cramped and one that's comfortable with plenty of room to move freely. For example, a full-sized sofa may look amazing in a large room, but a smaller room would only feel overwhelmed, creating a cramped, heavy feeling when you walk into the area.
To create a sense of balance and scale in a room with less floor space, consider small- or medium-sized furnishings. A love seat provides the same sense of home you get from a sofa, but it takes less floor space and doesn't create a cramped effect in a small room. 
For small-scale furnishings in the kitchen area, a small, portable island with shelves underneath provides the versatility of a full-sized island without sacrificing a lot of floor space. Plus, it can roll to the side of the room when you aren't using it.  

Double-Duty Furniture with Integrated Storage

Choosing furniture with built-in storage is another easy way to avoid a cramped appearance in a small room.
  • Bedroom: A bed with storage space underneath or in the headboard can free up space around the perimeter of a room by replacing a dresser or armoire. 
  • Living Room: A coffee table with built-in storage under the tabletop and nesting stools that fit under it for extra seating make the most of a small living room or family room area. 
  • Home Office: A coffee table or end table that raises up to pull double duty as a desk can transform a tiny living room into a home office during your working hours.
  • Bathroom: In a small bathroom, a cabinet that fits around the toilet provides extra shelf space to store grooming supplies or to put folded towels and washcloths. 

Multi-Purpose Furniture

Adjustable height tables offer the perfect example of a piece of small-scale furniture that has the potential to serve multiple functions in your home, as the size can be changed to make it work either as a nightstand or an end table. At meal time or gatherings, it can also adjust to its full height for use as a cocktail or dining table.
Multitasking furnishings make a living space feel comfortable and add an element of functionality that enhances your lifestyle. Choose furniture pieces that can do double or triple duty from CORT Furniture Rental to create a home décor style that's as functional as it is eye catching.