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Your Guide to Buying a Bedroom Set

Bedrooms are a place of sanctuary in any home, and the furniture you choose to put in that space can have a big impact on how cozy you feel when you go to bed at night. Even those who enjoy eclectic decor elsewhere can benefit from a bedroom style with an undercurrent of cohesion and efficiency to make their sleeping experience as relaxing as possible. 
That means there's more to consider than just the cost of bedroom furniture sets when you're choosing pieces for this important space. Use these tips to consider factors other than cost when you start browsing for furniture.

Take Stock of Bedroom Basics

Before you select any furniture, it's a good idea to understand some basics about the bedroom you're attempting to decorate. This information can make it a lot easier to choose furniture of the right type and size.
  • Find out the dimensions of the room so you can create a scale diagram to plan your furniture placement.
  • Note the number of windows and doors are in the room to make it easier to determine the amount of wall space you have. 
  • Review how much storage space is available in bedroom and hallway closets, as well as your bathroom. 
Once you have this info, you can start to think about the selection criteria discussed below. Even if you can't take measurements for yourself because you aren't yet in the same city as your new home, your landlord or realtor should be able to provide some of these data points.

Think About Proportion

Getting furniture in the right proportion for your bedroom is important, but the best way to go about doing this can be counterintuitive. The assumption is usually that large furniture could overwhelm a small space, but some larger accessories can work well.
For example, a taller dresser can complement a small bedroom. This is not only because it takes up less coveted horizontal wall space, but also because it can avoid the sparse-yet-cramped feel of a small room filled with many small pieces. 
Use your measurements to determine how much wall space you have, and choose a bedroom set with pieces that give a nice blend of proportion and overall size to achieve balance.

Consider Your Storage Needs

If you lack bathroom storage and closet space, then it's best to look for bedroom furniture sets with plenty of room to tidy away items in drawers and shelves. After all, you want to get the most out of your bedroom furniture set, so finding furniture that does double duty is key. Here are some things to look for in order to make the most out of your available bedroom space:
  • Think about a storage bed. Some bedroom sets include a storage bed with hidden drawers in the base. If your new home lacks a bathroom or linen closet, this can be a great place to store towels, sheets, and blankets.
  • Choose night stands with multiple drawers. A night stand is more than just a lamp stand. You can use your bedside tables to store everything from socks and accessories to beauty products and other personal care items that can't fit into your bathroom storage areas.
  • Arrange furniture right. If your bedroom is large enough to break up into different areas, think about keeping your bed separate from larger storage pieces, like armoires or bookshelves. You may even be able to use your storage furniture as room divider, allowing you to set up a work desk area in your room without compromising its relaxing atmosphere. 
Even if you don't think you'll need the storage, it doesn't hurt to overestimate how much extra space you'll need to stash your stuff before you move in. One great benefit of furniture rental is that you aren't making a huge commitment with every decision. You can always opt for something with a more minimal form factor if you find that your new place offers enough built-in storage.

Don't Worry Too Much About Matching

One benefit of going with a bedroom set rather than picking out individual pieces is that you don't need to worry about whether your selections coordinate with each other. But if you don't like a matchy-matchy look, you can still achieve bedroom cohesion while introducing some aesthetic variety. 
Variety can be the key to good décor, especially if you prefer a chic, modern look. Just as different proportions can introduce balance, different shapes and colors can add visual harmony. The key is to avoid clashing, but that's not a concern when you go with a curated set. 
Several of CORT Furniture Rental's bedroom set options include mix-and-match pieces from different collections that coordinate nicely without repeating the same exact style across each furniture piece.