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Stylish Sleeping: How to Choose a New Bed and Tips for Bedroom Arrangement

Are you moving in to a new home or apartment? Chances are you might need to shop for a bed. If you're wondering how to choose a new bed, take advantage of a few handy tips, from picking the perfect frame to finding the right bed size. Once you've chosen your new bed, then you can learn how to arrange the rest of your bedroom furniture for ultimate style and comfort. 

Pick a Bed Frame

Bed frames come in a variety of different styles. Find one that suits your personality and design aesthetic. 

Platform Bed

A platform bed features a base for a mattress but no box spring, which usually makes it firmer, lower to the ground, and less expensive than other types of beds. With clean, simple lines, this bed is perfect for modern spaces and smaller bedrooms. 
If you're looking for extra storage, some products come with built-in shelves or drawers. When shopping for a platform bed, decide if you want a headboard or just a base for a minimalist aesthetic. 

Sleigh Bed

A sleigh bed features a high headboard and low footboard, both often curved outward to resemble a sleigh. This unique style adds a touch of drama to any sleeping space. Usually made from wood, sleigh beds are heavy and durable. For a more glamourous look, choose a sleigh bed made from polished mahogany or cherry wood. If you’re going for a more rustic appearance, pick one made from oak, pine, or maple.  

Four Poster or Canopy Bed

Four poster beds feature a tall post at all four corners that often supports a rectangular canopy. These beds work well in rooms with high ceilings, and canopy beds with light curtains offer an aura of intimacy. Four poster and canopy beds come with or without headboards. 

Upholstered Bed

If you're looking for luxury and comfort, an upholstered bed fits the bill. These beds can feature complete upholstery or just an upholstered headboard. Depending on the style, they look great in traditional, eclectic, or modern bedrooms. 
When shopping for an upholstered bed, make sure the frame is constructed from hardwoods for added durability, and choose a headboard with tufting or nail head trim for extra style. Upholstered beds can come in an array of fabrics, from polyester and leather to a wool-cotton blend. 

Wrought Iron Bed

A wrought iron bed offers sturdy construction and low maintenance. From simple to ornate, these beds come in many styles, and fit into country, cottage, modern, contemporary, industrial, or eclectic spaces. Due to its durability, a wrought iron bed makes a great choice for a kid's bedroom, a guest room, or a college apartment. 

Find the Right Bed Size

You can find beds in many sizes, but the most common are twin, full, queen, king, and California king. Twin beds are great for small children, but tweens and teens often benefit from a larger, full-sized bed. If you're single, a full or queen-sized bed usually offers plenty of space, but couples often enjoy the extra space afforded by a king or California king. Before you choose a bed size, make sure to measure the space in your bedroom. 

Follow a Few Bedroom Design Tips

Consider flow when arranging your bedroom furniture. Before you place any furniture, sketch out a few different design plans on paper or make use of a handy design app. 
Once you get going, leave plenty of space around the outside of your bed, and make sure you have open pathways to your dresser and closet. If you're a reader, install a night stand next to your bed and add an adjustable table lamp with an easy-to-reach switch. 
Beds come in an array of styles and sizes, so choosing just one can be challenging. Use this guide to make the process simpler, and be sure to select a comfy mattress. For a stylish, put-together look with minimal effort, consider a bedroom set from CORT Furniture Rental and enjoy convenient delivery and set up.