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How to Experience the Freedom of Owning Nothing

These days, as many people shift to valuing experiences over possessions, minimalism is becoming mainstream. While some are going to the extreme by selling their possessions to move into a tiny home, others are more cautiously dipping their feet into these new waters.
Donating unused clothing and goods to a local organization or opting to rent your furniture instead of owning are just two approaches to adopting this new way of thinking. Whatever way you find to incorporate minimalism into your life, you may find that it comes with a new sense of freedom.

Does Owning Less Stuff Equal Greater Happiness?

While owning less isn't for everyone, those who try it report that it makes them happier. By learning to live with less, individuals are learning to prioritize new experiences in their lives. But the influence doesn't stop with material items. Many who embrace minimalism also learn to practice this philosophy in other areas of their lives. In relationships, they focus on high-quality connections that make them happier, rather than relationships that weigh them down. Minimalism may even extend to an individual’s finances or the way they set goals for the future.
Owning less also provides more time to explore what the world has to offer. Instead of worrying about maintaining your possessions, you're taking that trip to Europe or learning to play the piano. You're taking that cooking class or brushing up on your French. You're out making new connections or volunteering.

From Baby Boomers to Gen Z: Generations Embracing Minimalism

Minimalism doesn't just appeal to one generation or demographic. From Generation Z to baby boomers, many age groups are embracing minimalism in 2020.
​ Gen Z tends to be more frugal than their parents and grandparents. They're saving money, but not with the goal of buying a large house or an expensive car. They're saving so they can be comfortable if there is another financial crisis. The youngest generation of consumers is currently moving out of their parents' homes and into their first rentals. Instead of buying all new furnishings, they're seeking apartments that are already furnished or looking for a one-stop option where they can rent everything they need to create a comfortable space.
On the opposite end of the age spectrum, baby boomers are also going smaller. They're downsizing their homes or moving in with adult children. Retirement has arrived or is just around the corner, and they don't want the heavy financial burden of a big house full of possessions they've collected over the decades. They'd rather take a Caribbean cruise or explore the hobbies they've put off while working and raising a family. They're also downsizing in order to avoid leaving a burden for their children.

Benefits of Renting Furniture

Whether you're 25 or 85, renting furniture is a great step towards embracing a minimalist lifestyle and experiencing the happiness and freedom that comes with it.

Design Your Dream Home for Less

Financial freedom is one of the most important benefits of renting furniture. If you've been shopping for home furnishings lately, you know that high-quality furniture is expensive. When you choose furniture rental, you can find everything you need in one place, from furniture and accents to housewares and home decor. You pick out the items you love, pay a set price and keep for it as long as you like. If you get bored with a certain style, you can start all over without breaking the bank.

Freedom and Flexibility

With furniture rental, if you're moving to a new home or apartment, you don't have to worry about scheduling deliveries or driving all over town picking out pieces you like. You can go online, pick out what you want and have it all delivered right to your new place. If you decide to change your decor style, add a new family member to your home, move in a roommate or turn that spare bedroom into an office, all you have to do is choose new items to rent or make changes to your lease.

Doing Your Part for the Environment

The Environmental Protection Agency reports that over 9 million pounds of furniture end up in landfills each year — landfills that are filling up quickly. Some of it takes decades to break down and decompose, and some of it never breaks down at all. New furniture usually only has one or two owners before it reaches the landfill. When you rent furniture, it could have up to seven owners before reaching a landfill, delaying the process for decades. CORT ensures that each piece it rents is high-quality so that it can withstand multiple owners, and between each owner, each piece is cleaned and restored.

Moving is Easier than Ever

When you don't own your furniture, you don't have to worry about moving your furniture. If you're renting furniture and you need to move, just call up the rental company and make arrangements. They'll pick it up, and all you'll need to move is your clothing and your personal belongings. This makes furniture rental a great choice for people who move frequently for work.
If you're ready to embrace a flexible and convenient approach to furnishing your home, contact CORT Furniture Rental today. We'll help you set up your dream home and make life just a little easier in this increasingly complicated world.