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Barsala suite furnished with CORT furniture

CORT Case Study: Barsala

Barsala helps business travelers and vacationing families feel at home by furnishing with CORT.

Barsala rents residential and office furniture from CORT

CORT’s Solution

When Michael Monu started Barsala, he wanted to provide the perfect blend of comfort and luxury to guests traveling for work or with their families on vacation. He needed a partner to furnish empty apartment units as Barsala expanded into new markets, which is why he chose CORT. We quickly got to work delivering furniture, allowing the Barsala team more time to focus on expanding into new cities while maintaining the high quality experience customers expected.

The Result

To help Barsala scale into new markets, CORT provided operation and logistics support to get units furnished as quickly as possible. We worked side-by-side with Barsala’s team to ensure units were furnished on time and with product that would offer a comfortable experience for guests. Ultimately, CORT helped Barsala preserve capital by renting furniture rather than purchasing, allowing them to put more investment behind new market growth rather than owning furniture assets.

About Barsala

Barsala is a provider of luxury suites and corporate housing on the West Coast. They focus on building continuing relationships through long-term accommodations. Barsala guests receive the best quality, value and customer care to ensure a proven 5-star experience. Their dedicated management team ensures the best in customer satisfaction through organized operations, and consistent communication with our guests. Local operations managers work full-time as a direct points of contact to provide personalized care and address guests’ housing needs.


"Barsala and CORT are a great team and in a short amount of time we already have solid results. CORT has enabled us to take a step back, think less about the operational day-to-day grind and focus more on growing into the next market."


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