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CORT Case Study Andy Roddick Foundation

With staff expansions in the summer and an annual fundraising gala in the spring, the Andy Roddick Foundation needed a multi-solution furniture provider.

The Andy Roddick Foundation typically sees increases in staff during the summer months when interns arrive and when summer programs begin for children. They needed affordable furniture rental services and a reliable company that could adapt to seasonal and changing business needs, including upswings in staffing and outfitting their annual fundraising gala. They needed someone who could play ball.

How We Helped:

  • Provided expert space planning and furnishings for all staff workspaces, board meetings and volunteer workspaces.
  • Designed a space plan to effectively and efficiently accommodate new hires.
  • Supplied patio and lounge furniture for thousands attending their annual fundraising gala.

CORT's Solution

The Foundation needs the ability to grow and contract its workspace with seasonal demands. CORT provided desks for office staff, furnishings for the Foundation's conference room and lounge furniture for the upstairs area in the office, giving visitors, interns and staff a space to meet and work collaboratively.

The Andy Roddick Foundation Gala

In addition to providing furniture rental services for the Andy Roddick Foundation's workplace needs, CORT helped when the Foundation needed outdoor seating and lounge furniture for their annual fundraising gala. Thousands attended the event at the Moody Theater in downtown Austin, Texas to watch Elton John perform at the gala.

The Result

The Andy Roddick Foundation continues to count on CORT for their workplace furnishings as the organization grows. When it comes to helping shape the young minds of tomorrow, the Foundation and CORT share the same belief: opportunities matter. We help the Foundation have the furniture they need in their workspace, when they need it, so they can continue making a difference in young lives.

About the Andy Roddick Foundation

The Andy Roddick Foundation Mission is admirable: to expand opportunities for young people to learn, thrive and succeed. When 80% of a child's waking hours is spent outside the classroom, that time must be transformed into opportunity for the growth and enrichment of a young active mind. By creating extra-curricular programs which cater to the diverse interests of our youth, the foundation continues to marry universal talent with a shot at success.

"The children are most important to the organization and we don't have time to let anything slip. When we partnered with CORT for our furniture and event needs, we knew we had a winner."

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