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The Go-To Partner for Home Star Staging

Business was booming for Karen Otto, owner and founder of Home Star Staging, as more and more people were turning to her and her company to stage homes. As her company grew, the need for a reliable furniture partner increased as well. Karen turned to CORT to deliver quality service, stylish furniture and a customized solution that allowed her time to focus on the everyday and the bigger picture. And the relationship continues to grow.

How We Helped:

  • Quick, reliable delivery, setup and pickup.
  • We handle the details so they can focus on design.
  • Flexible furniture solution, custom to each client's needs.
  • Ability to stage faster, and sell faster, for more money.

CORT's Solution

Showcasing our excellent customer service, our expert account representatives take care of all of those time-consuming details involved in delivery, setup, storing, picking up and replacing furniture. That means Karen and her team can focus on design, selling homes quicker and at higher sales prices.

The Result

The team at Home Star Staging knows CORT will always be available to fulfill the needs of their extensive clientele. The relationship continues to grow due to CORT's style, quality, dedicated service and ability to make Home Star Staging's job easier.

About Home Star Staging

Since 2006, Karen Otto, owner of Home Star Staging, has trusted the experts at CORT with her staging business. She is a nationally recognized home staging expert whose wisdom and experience is seen in her blogging, writing and speaking engagements. Otto recognizes the value in partnering with CORT and trusts our experts to deliver and fulfill the needs of her growing business. Similarly, we rely on Home Star Staging for feedback and expertise to keep improving our home staging product and service offering. Photography by Unique Exposure Photography


"The experts at CORT have been my go-to resource for staging since 2006. They are committed, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. I appreciate everything they have done for my home staging business."


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