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CORT Case Study: Construction Firm

The Challenge

One of the top 5 construction companies in the US was seeking to decrease travel budgets and provide a more uniform and streamlined process for how employees booked their travel assignments of 6-12 months. The existing process of issuing a stipend to the employee based on hotel rates was expensive at nearly $150 a night and left many employees unsupported when trying to find an affordable and convenient place to stay.

The Solution

Our client transitioned to a program to provide furnished apartments for their employees on these assignments, bringing nightly averages down to less than $80 a night. Further, CORT’s relationships with apartment communities meant we could recommend properties willing to provide shorter term leases, reducing workload for our client.

The Result

With consistent savings over nightly rates in all markets across the US, CORT delivered a 47% reduction in temp housing costs, or over $400,000 in annualized savings for the company. More importantly, the company’s employees saved the time and worry of finding their own lodging because they could leverage the solutions brought to them by CORT’s team. Finally, this company’s solution is flexible, allowing the client to customize the apartment selection and furniture to the level of the employee.

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