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CORT Case Study DisperSol Technologies

DisperSol needed furniture while growing their startup, but didn't want to invest significant upfront capital. That's where CORT came in to help.

Saving lives and improving overall health is not an easy mission, but DisperSol Technologies is a startup using its manufacturing technology to make more effective and safer oral pharmaceutical products. As a growing startup in 2012, DisperSol needed a flexible furniture solution that could expand and contract with their business and wouldn't require a large, upfront investment.

How We Helped:

  • Provided furniture that matched DisperSol's branding.
  • Delivered and installed workspace furniture within 72 hours of request because CORT keeps furniture in stock.
  • Required low upfront capital investment, allowing DisperSol to invest resource back into their business.
  • Continue to provide matching furniture on an as-needed basis.

CORT's Solution

DisperSol's biggest challenge was being unable to project how many employees they would have over the next year or two. Instead of investing upfront in furniture that may go unused in the future, DisperSol decided to rent workplace furniture with the option for ownership in the future to maximize their dollars spent with CORT. Our experts worked with DisperSol to select furniture that matched their style and functional needs. Within three days of their initial furniture rental request, DisperSol had a completely installed, ready-for-use workspace.

The Result

Three years later, DisperSol continues to use CORT furniture solutions today. The biggest resource CORT saves DisperSol is time. Since CORT keeps furniture in stock, CORT can deliver what DisperSol needs, when they need it. With CORT, business solutions are easy and fast.

About Stay DisperSol

DisperSol is an innovator in the formulation, development and manufacture of pharmaceutical drugs. DisperSol’s KinetiSol® technology has enabled the solubility enhancement of heat-sensitive and organic solvent insoluble drugs of significant clinical promise that would otherwise have no development path forward to the patients that could benefit from them.

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