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Conserve Capital, Invest Wisely

CORT helps your organization scale-up without sacrificing capital.

Invest in a greater ROI.

Smart startups know investors are looking for growing businesses with a healthy bank account, which is why it's important to conserve capital as much as possible. Spending precious resources on fixed assets like workspace furniture typically incurs many hidden costs, including storage, maintenance and shipping, which can end up costing three times the original cost of the furniture purchase. Renting furniture from CORT allows startups to conserve upfront capital and immediately invest in research and development, business expansion and hiring top talent.

More than just furniture rental.

Choosing CORT solutions means we quickly find an answer to your business challenge so you can get back to what matters most - growing your startup. We supply everything you need for your startup, including: Sound Masking Coffee / Water Artwork Relocation Services Special Requests (Ping-Pong table for your break room? We can make it happen.) Spend less time worrying about operations and more time innovating.

How We Can Help:

  • Reliable, fast delivery within 48 hours from experienced professionals.
  • Solutions beyond furniture rental, including professional installation, relocation services, sound masking and more.
  • Flexibility when renting so you can adjust to fluctuations in employee growth.
  • National inventory that gives your business access to what you need, where you need it, when you need it.

Get all of the benefits without the commitment.


Ever-changing environments call for flexible solutions.

In the startup world, changes happen overnight. It's incredibly important to stay productive and conserve capital when these changes happen. Storing and tracking excess and obsolete furniture can be extremely costly over the long haul - and can cut into productive work time. Avoid permanently acquiring assets that add to your overhead and rent what you need, when you need it. Because you never know what tomorrow will bring.

Employee Productivity Matters

  • 97% Facility managers believe employee productivity is very important when evaluating office furniture needs.

DisperSol Technologies needed flexibility to grow. See how CORT helped.

Fast Service

Within a couple days of calling, DisperSol had a ready-to-work office, thanks to CORT's quick turnaround time.

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Furniture In Stock

Since CORT keeps furniture in stock, CORT delivers what DisperSol needs, when they need it.

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Flexibe Solutions

As a growing startup, DisperSol continues to use CORT today for their furnishing needs.

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Ready to explore opportunities for your Midsized Business? Drop us a line or chat with an expert.


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