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Sustainable furniture rental

Go Green: Improve Sustainability Practices

Millions of tons of office furniture contribute to landfill overflow. Choose a more sustainable option: rental.

Where Earth-friendly and business-friendly meet.

Sustainable business practices are quickly becoming an industry standard. While there are lots of obvious ways to become more sustainable, one of the less obvious is furniture. Furniture rental from CORT not only makes it easy to furnish your office, it makes the process more sustainable for your business.

Make a positive environmental impact today.


Choose a company with similar values.

More companies are adopting sustainable business practices because the right choices now will generate resource preservation and cost-savings in the future. Like you, protecting and maintaining the quality of the environment is an integral part of our company’s operations. Like you, we aim to choose ethical and environmentally responsible business decisions. And like you, we strive to encourage other businesses to invest in our Earth by choosing sustainable business practices. Rest assured that when you choose CORT, you're working with a company dedicated to making more sustainable business decisions.

Our Commitment

  • We smart route our delivery trucks and perform proper vehicle maintenance to reduce emissions.
  • We minimize waste through efficient energy and material utilization.
  • We train employees on proper disposal of waste and recyclable materials, and utilize sustainable products wherever possible.
  • We promote awareness of energy and water usage in our operations.

Rental is more sustainable than buying.

After its rental life is complete, almost all furniture (97%) is discounted and resold to the public, making the reuse rate between 2 and 6 times longer than direct sale models and producing 66% fewer greenhouse gasses.

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