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Think outside the cube.

More and more companies are leveraging their space design as a business tool. According to a study by interdisciplinary design enterprise Kahler Slater, a vast majority of companies that achieve "Best Places to Work" status recognize that a well designed workspace attracts hardworking employees. Ready to recruit loyal, creative-minded employees? Our experienced team of professionals excels in creating different environments for lobbies, workstations, office spaces and common areas to include "I" space, "we" space, and "in-between" space.

Collaborative Trumps Traditional

  • 65% Prefer open workplaces
  • Work Design Magazine readers prefer open, collaborative workspaces over traditional furnishings.
  • CORT + Work Design Magazine Survey

Create the perfect space for your startup.


From Ping-Pong to graffiti art, CORT delivers more than just furniture.

Your business is more than four walls, some desks and chairs. It's a living thing with a personality all its own, made by the people that work there. In the decades that businesses have been coming to CORT, there have always been customers whose corporate culture needed more than was in our catalog to thrive.

How We Can Help:

  • Reliable, fast delivery within 48 hours from experienced professionals.
  • Solutions beyond furniture rental, including professional installation, relocation services, sound masking and more.
  • Flexibility when renting so you can adjust to fluctuations in employee growth.
  • National inventory that gives your business access to what you need, where you need it, when you need it.

Go from sit to stand.

Employers are starting to opt for standing workspaces, but we think you shouldn't have to decide whether you want to sit or stand all day. Let's face it: sometimes you want to stand and stretch your legs and other times it's better to sit and get work done. By utilizing workplace furniture that promotes mobility such as CORT's sit-to-stand desk, workers can alternate between sitting and standing with the flip of an electronic switch. Keep employees happy and healthy!

DisperSol Technologies needed flexibility to grow. See how CORT helped.

Fast Service

Within a couple days of calling, DisperSol had a ready-to-work office, thanks to CORT's quick turnaround time.

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Furniture In Stock

Since CORT keeps furniture in stock, CORT delivers what DisperSol needs, when they need it.

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Flexibe Solutions

As a growing startup, DisperSol continues to use CORT today for their furnishing needs.

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Ready to explore opportunities for your Midsized Business? Drop us a line or chat with an expert.


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