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CORT Case Study: Online Content Platform and Production Studio

CORT assists one of the first subscription-based streaming companies and their production studio with multiple services in support of their production teams across the US and globally. CORT not only helps create a unique workplace for each production, they also support the talent and production teams with flexible furnished housing. In addition to this, CORT also offers support to set design during filming and decommissioning once the production was over.

The Challenge

The start of a new film production can be a hectic time for the studio and all teams involved. Production timelines can be extended or shortened depending on multiple outside factors and the online content platform needed flexibility in its terms. It was important to balance the management of production staff and talent housing as well as maintain production cost control.

The Solution

What began as a client relationship with CORT in Los Angeles, led to working together outside of the studio and in their remote locations. Due to the nature of managing remote sets, the client needed a company that could respond quickly while making it easy to mobilize and demobilize productions. CORT was able to help the online content platform and production studio be more efficient by streamlining support for productions through cost savings and increased usage through the fulfillment of remote production needs including office space for their writers, set design, and employee relocations. The client was impressed with pre-and post-production work and asked for additional help with decommissioning their furniture pieces.

The Result

While the CORT Furniture as a Service™ model was created to help businesses across every industry with their flexibility, it goes so much further than that. “Furniture as a Service” with CORT truly does mean that we’re here to help and serve our customers with the various challenges that may be thrown their way. Because of CORT’s national and global footprint, the client was able to exceed their goals and create a quality employee experience at their remote locations. It has been a pleasure to build a true partnership in support of multiple areas of the client’s company and long-term efficiency goals.