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CORT Case Study: Construction and Engineering Firm

CORT helped a construction and engineering firm relocate employees for permanent and temporary assignments in order to meet new project deadlines.

The Challenge

New client projects can mean relocating employees both permanently and on assignment for extended periods of time. This construction and engineering firm needed to find a way to streamline this process to efficiently support new projects. With assignment lengths ranging anywhere from 6 to 24 months, the firm was challenged with balancing employee choice and company cost control while finding housing solutions. Initially, a stipend program was established to prioritize employee choice by reimbursing them for their housing expenses. This solution provided little direction for the employees and resulted in the need for more support from their HR team in finding housing. Knowing that the cost difference between an average hotel stay and a furnished apartment was huge for company cost control initiatives, the firm called on CORT to help.

The Solution

While the client considered providing an even larger housing stipend, that did not meet their cost control requirements. Ultimately, they moved to a managed program where CORT assists the assignee with finding and furnishing their own apartment based on requirements from the firm. Working with CORT meant the client could customize the apartment community and furnishing options for each assignee based on the project. For example, entry level employees would receive more basic accommodations and higher-level employees would have the option to stay in a property with additional amenities. By providing relocation assistance, the firm and their employee felt more supported through the move and settled into the new project location more quickly – focusing on the work they were there to do instead of setting up their new home.

The Result

The firm trusted CORT to help with employee transitions and quickly realized additional cost control benefits. For a 6-month assignment the client found savings of around $10,000 per person. With over 80 assignments per year, the annual savings were substantial. CORT helped the construction and engineering firm exceed goals of quality employee experience along with reducing temporary housing costs.

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