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Save capital for investment in projects with greater ROI.

Smart money management

Making decisions about where to invest your financial resources includes evaluating projects based on what will deliver the best opportunity for growth. So consider saving your capital and rent your furniture instead of buying it for your next short or long-term workplace project. You will save on upfront costs, eliminate the need to store unused furniture and have the ability to invest where you'll get a greater ROI.

Invest in projects that fuel growth, not maintaining and storing furniture.

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Know when to rent and when to buy.

Deciding when to rent and when to buy can be a challenge. One of the most important questions you can ask is: What type of work environment do we envision over the next several years and how much flexibility do we need? Furniture rental is flexible. Choose a short- or long-term rental plan, or even an ownership option if you think your needs may become more permanent down the road. Start small and grow large or right-size the operation; it is easy to scale up and down with rental.

How We Can Help:

  • Retain capital for strategic reinvestment.
  • Keep staff productive during periods of transition.
  • Deliver on-trend furnishings to attract top talent.
  • Reduce costs associated with fixed furniture assets.

Quality furniture for temporary projects.

With more than 137 million square feet of construction underway, the healthcare industry is primed for growth. Keep patient care top of mind and health professionals productive with CORT’s furniture rental services. With a wide range of office and residential furniture options, CORT provides onsite consultation, space planning all the way to professional delivery and set up.

137 Million

  • Square feet of healthcare construction is underway or in the late planning stages, according to Health Facilities Management.

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