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Furniture that fits the way you live

Moving or commuting for that new job? Heading off to school? Starting over? Landing a temporary assignment in a different city? Moving from place to place with the military? Making a purchase of furniture and related household goods may not be the smartest decision.

Your time, your money and certainly your lifestyle may require a lot more flexibility. Where do I go? Who do I see? Will I have to find someone to take my stuff or dispose of it later? Do I pack it all up and move it across town, across the country or around the world?

Begin to smooth out all the twists and turns along your journey with the nation's most trusted solution: CORT

Be more flexible and mobile by using CORT. Let us help you find a place, furnish it and make sure you have everything you need so you're "living-ready". Order one of our Move-In Ready packages and have everything done for you. Or order by the room, or, for the ultimate in customization, pick out each piece yourself. And make sure you have everything to make your place a home with our housewares packages including kitchen, bath and bedroom accessories.

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