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Primary Material

Rent the Decker Loveseat

Decker Loveseat

63"W x 36"D x 36"H

Rent the Allen Loveseat

Allen Loveseat

60"W x 39"D x 35"H

Rent the Dunleith Brown Loveseat

Dunleith Brown Loveseat

57"W x 34.5"D x 33"H

Rent the Melody Loveseat

Melody Loveseat

60"W x 36"D x 34"H

Rent the Venture Grey Loveseat

Venture Grey Loveseat

56"W x 35"D x 30.5"H

Rent the Hensley Loveseat

Hensley Loveseat

60"W x 37"D x 34"H

Rent the Quentin Loveseat

Quentin Loveseat

57"W x 35"D x 37"H

Rent the Dunleith Blue Loveseat

Dunleith Blue Loveseat

57"W x 34.5"D x 33"H

Rent the Benetti Charcoal Gray Loveseat
Rent the Ballard Loveseat

Ballard Loveseat

63"W x 38"D x 37"H

Rent the Malcolm Loveseat

Malcolm Loveseat

54"W x 32.5"D x 33.5"H

Rent the Alain Grey Loveseat

Alain Grey Loveseat

75.5"W x 35.5"D x 37"H


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Product Details
CORT Furniture Rental offers a wide range sofas, sectionals and loveseats in a variety of styles. Rent a compact loveseat for smaller living spaces, or select a couch or sofa sectional for larger living rooms, dens, or studies. CORT delivers and sets up the furniture for you, and picks it up when your rental lease term is over.