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You find your clients a place to live. We help them make it a home.

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Introducing furniture solutions for any space on any budget and a dedicated team of professionals working at your discretion. Introducing a group that understands your business and works as hard as you do. Introducing higher commissions, happier clients, more closings and less stress. Introducing a way to furnish any apartment for anyone. Introducing furniture rental from CORT.

It's Simple

CORT starts with furniture rental to create comfortable spaces clients can feel at home in. Then we put our excellent customer service to work to go above and beyond. With one-on-one consulting, specialized industry tools and a team that professionally delivers, sets up and removes furniture, CORT is so much more than a rental agreement. It's a partnership with a team as dedicated to your client's satisfaction as you are.

Help sellers put their best foot forward.

It's not often a potential buyer's taste matches a seller's, and showing bland, empty spaces rarely makes a property more appealing. Even promising spaces can stall on the market because of outdated, overcrowded furniture. Proper staging increases the value of a property and your business. In face, the Department of Housing and Urban Development states a staged home sells in about half the time and for an average of 6 - 17% more. Showing stylishly furnished apartments instantly makes a space feel more like home, making it easier for a buyer to imagine living there. Making it easier to close deals. With rental furniture from CORT it's easier than ever to get your clients the asking price they deserve. Clients are happier, properties sell faster, commission checks are bigger. It's a win-win-win.

First impressions matter

  • 2X Faster
  • A staged home sells twice as fast and for up to 17% more than an unstaged home.

CORT has style for any space.

Whether your client is going for luxurious uptown chic or downplaying a studio's spectacular view of the bodega, filling in decor to enhance their existing furniture or overhauling an entire property, CORT has stylish options for any space. With more than a thousand pieces in our collection, your client can find their style for any size property. And because our team handles all the furniture delivery, setup and removal, there's less for them to worry about.

Show them how to settle in, not settle.

Asking your clients one straightforward question opens new avenues of opportunity. Just ask "Furnished or Unfurnished?" It's one of the easiest ways to increase the value of your business. With CORT any apartment can be a furnished apartment. And because CORT handles every aspect of the deal, your clients can get back to living their life more quickly after a move. In addition to becoming a truly full-service broker and the positive word of mouth that comes with recommending CORT furniture rental, for each customer who signs a rental agreement, you get an 18% referral reward. That's money to grow your business or get yourself something you deserve.

Get what you deserve

  • 18% Referral Reward
  • Receive an 18% referral reward for each client who signs a rental agreement with CORT.

"Coming from the brokerage world, I fully understand the necessity to stand out amongst the competition. Utilizing every available resource to create the best overall experience for your client is essential to retention and growth of your overall business. With extensive knowledge on the West Side of Manhattan, I am driven by new challenges and am always seeking new ways to create solutions for the brokerage community. I think of renting furniture for an apartment as leasing a high end car, you get to enjoy all the features without worrying about the maintenance. When the new model comes out - you can switch everything up!"


""I'm known among my clients as the 'Queen of the Eastside'! Through my many years of experience I have accumulated a vast knowledge of the rental marketplace, helping me advise clients and providing the necessary solutions unique to them and their place. I love working directly with my clients to fulfill all of their needs during their entire journey. Solving that puzzle every day makes my job so worthwhile." "


Flexible Solutions

From overflow housing needs and summer specialty programs to swing space for special projects, CORT can scale to fit your furniture needs.

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Quality & Style

Whatever your campus aesthetic, CORT offers stylish solutions for temporary faculty and staff housing.

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Freedom to Focus

Maintaining furniture can quickly drain resources. Let CORT handle it all, while you focus on what matters.

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