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Guide to Choosing the Best Type of Bed

When it comes to choosing the right bed for your bedroom, you want to pay attention to three important characteristics: size, structure, and style. This guide can help you determine your preferences in each category so you can choose the best type of bed to make every night restful and comfortable.

Bed Size

One relatively easy part of the process is to determine the ideal bed size for your room, your sleep style, and your comfort. This includes not just mattress size but also the overall height and dimensions of the bed.
Start by measuring the room and determining your available space. Then, think about the height and overall body size of the people — and pets — who will sleep in the bed. If anyone is particularly tall, take that into consideration, as some mattress sizes may be too small. The standard options include:
  • Twin (38 by 75 inches): Usually used for children or very small sleep spaces for only one adult.
  • Full (53 by 75 inches): Best for smaller spaces; fits one or two small adults.
  • Queen (60 by 80 inches): Suitable for mid-sized bedrooms; this is the smallest mattress that's likely to be comfortable for people over 6 feet tall.
  • King (76 by 80 inches): This is generally the widest mattress available, providing comfort for sleepers up to about 6.5 feet tall.
  • California King (72 x 84 inches): Extremely tall people are likely to want a California king, which is narrower and longer than a standard king.
When you look at bed frames, check out overall dimensions so you can see how much length and width the furniture will add to the mattress size. Sleek silhouettes, such as the Helix beds from CORT, don't add much to the mattress' square footage. A difference of even a few inches can make a small room more cramped and less navigable.

Structure of the Bed

In addition to choosing a bed frame that isn't too large for your available space, it's also important to look for a frame that's structured in a way that supports your needs and bedtime habits. Here's what you should think about:


This part of a bed can impact the overall style, but it's also one of the more relevant comfort features offered by the frame alone. For example, if you love to sit up in bed and read or watch TV, then you probably want a bed with a sturdy, padded headboard. A headboard can also be important for providing extra comfort if you plan to place your bed in the middle of a room rather than with the head up against a wall.


The height of your bed frame — when combined with the height of your mattress and foundation or box spring — can determine how easy it is for you and your children or pets to get in and out of bed. It may also give the room a different look and feel, with a lower bed signifying a more modern style.

Storage Features

It can be nice to use your bed for more than just sleeping. Some bed frames, such as the James storage bed by CORT, offer built-in storage in the form of drawers in the base or shelving in the headboard, while others simply offer enough ground clearance under the frame for flat storage bins or bags.
Think carefully about how you plan to use both your bed and bedroom, and choose a model that suits your needs in these categories.

Bed Styles

Choosing the best type of bed style is a more personal and variable process than the first two selection categories. It's ultimately a matter of what you find most comfortable and pleasing to the eye. Here are some things you can think about to narrow down your options:

Modern vs. Traditional

Modern furniture designs tend to have less ornamentation and fewer curvy lines in favor of geometric simplicity, while traditional furniture is a bit more ornate. Think about the style of the other furniture pieces you have or want, and find a bed in a similar style.

Luxe vs. Utilitarian

Do you like for your bedroom to have a luxurious boudoir feel, with a lot of pillows and rich fabrics, or do you prefer something spare and simple to promote minimalist tranquility? The headboard and bed frame you choose can support either style goal.
Choosing the right bed doesn't have to be a major undertaking. If you decide you don't like a height, style, or headboard type, you can always opt for something different if you choose furniture rental. This option doesn't lock you in to a long-term commitment the way purchasing does. If you don't want the pressure of making the perfect decision without a trial run, then head over to CORT Furniture Rental to try out different pieces and see what best matches your needs.