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Your Guide to Choosing Convertible Tables for Your Small Living Space

If you live in a tiny home or apartment, you know every inch counts. That's why convertible accent, dining, and coffee tables are valuable pieces of furniture to have in your home. Multi-functional convertible tables adapt to your needs, from work to dining to entertaining. Before looking for a convertible table, make sure you understand the options for the most function and comfort.

Convertible Accent Tables

From end table to bedside table, adjustable pieces like CORT Furniture's Braden end table and Draycott nesting tables fit in every room while adding character and style. In some cases, tables are lightweight and easy to carry into other rooms. A convertible or nesting side table is small and light enough to grab to use as a laptop stand while you're sitting on your comfortable sofa.


  • Size: Select a table that's generous in size, but still practical enough to lift and move. A height-adjustable round table measuring 24 inches wide by 24 inches deep functions well.
  • Height: Find a height-adjustable table that adjusts up to between 30 inches to 33 inches tall for functionality.
  • Safety: Make sure a height-adjustable table locks into place.
  • Sturdy: Kick the tires to see if the base or legs are sturdy but lightweight for smooth adjustments.
  • Materials: Choose an adaptable material and finish that blends into any room, such as distressed wood over metal legs or simple, unembellished wood tables.

Convertible Coffee Tables

Go even bigger with a lift-top coffee table that opens up, lifts, and expands into a large work or dining surface with storage space beneath for office supplies or dinnerware. Look for these features when shopping for an expandable coffee table:


  • Lift: Look for sturdy hinges and smooth mechanisms that make lifting and closing the top as easy as possible.
  • Legs: Choose a coffee table with an airy, open base or legs if you want to be able to put additional dining chairs around the surface for a dinner party.
  • Measurements: A typical rectangular lift-top coffee table may measure around 43 inches long by 19 inches wide by 19 inches high, but when lifted, the top may raise to 23 inches high. Measurements and heights vary based on the design of the table.

Convertible Dining Tables

Dining tables have come a long way from the days of sitting unused in a formal dining room. You can now find pub and counter-height tables as well as expandable tables with built-in storage. Use these tips for finding the perfect convertible dining table for your space:


  • Storage: Look for a small round or square dining table with leaves that store inside the legs.
  • Drop-leaf: Consider a dining table that has drop leaf sides with storage in the middle.
  • Folding: Use a wall-mounted, fold-down dining table when needed to save space.


When you're on the hunt for any kind or style of accent, coffee, or dining table, turn to CORT Furniture Rental for stylish, high-quality furniture without a long-term commitment.