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FAU Harnesses the Power of CORT

When Florida Atlantic University needed a new look for its student common areas, CORT had the answer.

In 2007, fewer than 7 percent of Florida Atlantic University (FAU) students lived in campus housing. But as the reputation of this leading research institution grew, so did its student population, along with the need to create common areas that offered students an exciting place to live and work.

How We Helped:

  • Provided collaborative common areas for on-campus students.
  • Increased collaboration through modern design.
  • Delivered strategic thinking and efficient answers.

The Background

FAU's main campus in Boca Raton features nine residence halls with a mix of traditional apartments and larger suites. Like many universities, FAU's Housing and Residential Life team felt they needed to create a better community that promoted collaboration and interaction among the students. FAU Housing & Residential Life needed a furniture partner that would deliver smart, efficient solutions to their housing challenges. With first-year students required to live on campus, along with a goal of increasing the student body, FAU turned to CORT to help them furnish the campus common areas, all while remaining adaptable to changing needs.

CORT transformed FAU's open space into a stylish, communal environment.

CORT conducted detailed audits of the campus facilities that needed new interior design and furnishing, and solicited feedback from student staff, student residents and potential students touring the facility. Our team of Higher Education Professionals designed a plan that transformed the living and working areas into innovative teaming areas and collaborative spaces for the students to use. CORT's professional delivery team then delivered and set up the furniture around the campus.

The Solution

FAU Housing & Residential Life was able to deliver a new look and feel to their common areas while conserving capital. Leasing with CORT gave FAU the ability to spend less capital up front, while ensuring students had a comfortable, relaxing area to study and enjoy life on campus. The new look and feel of FAU's common areas are an example of how CORT can transform campus living areas into a modern, open living environment, helping institutions stay competitive in their efforts to attract new students.

CORT delivered a custom strategy that matched FAU's style and budget.

Student residents are now using the new common spaces to create an engaging sense of community, and FAU Housing & Residential Life will continue to focus its commitment to providing comfortable and functional on campus housing to match its reputation as a modern, leading-edge university.


"Students and staff LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the new furniture and look!"

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