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Feel at home, wherever work takes you.

Living in one city and working in another can make home feel far away. Live comfortably where you are.

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Meet Andrew. He’s a professional hockey player who rents furniture from CORT every season.

Andrew is no stranger to living in different cities every year. He moved away from home at sixteen to pursue his professional hockey career and has been on the move ever since. He spends his summers at home in Canada, training. When hockey season begins, Andrew moves to his assigned team’s city for six months while he plays. Moving from city to city allows Andrew to stay focused on playing at his maximum potential, but can also feel like he’s living out of a suitcase. In an effort to feel more settled, Andrew uses CORT to furnish his short-term apartment. That way, when he steps into his apartment after being on the road playing in cities across the U.S. and Canada, he feels right at home.

Why Professionals Who Travel Rent Furniture From CORT

Flexible Leases for Temporary Assignments

Not sure how long your assignment is? CORT has flexible lease term options that allow you to keep your furniture as long as you need it. Whether you’re staying for three months, a year or longer, CORT helps you find the best match for your assignment. You can even extend your lease if your assignment takes longer than expected.

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Ready Before You Arrive

We know you’re coming from another city. CORT makes it easy to arrange for your furniture package to be delivered and installed before you arrive. Your prompt, professional delivery includes a complete furniture package setup down to the last pillow, lampshade and spoon. Feel at home the moment you arrive.

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Convenient Renting Options

When you select our Move-In Ready Package, we do the work of selecting quality pieces that look great together. You avoid time-consuming shopping and still get a great looking space. Interested in choosing your own furniture? Pick your own pieces that suit your style. Add linens, kitchenware and bath accessories, so your space is living-ready as soon as you walk in.

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"I get relocated about once a year. Renting furniture makes sense for me because I don’t have the luxury of bringing furniture where I’m going every season. It’s just nice to settle in."


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