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Designing for the Modern Home

Today’s modern styles aren’t the odd, futuristic ideas you might have seen in the past. Instead, modern design is bold and exciting, and it’s accessible rather than intentionally weird. The contemporary looks of today are minimalist and clean but also inviting.

If this is a look that you’ve been wanting to try in your home, we have great news! You can achieve a clean and fresh modern style in a way that put too much of a strain on your budget. Follow these tips for giving your home a modern design twist.


Think of Function and Form Equally

Modern design is about achieving a look that’s elegant and simple yet gives you everything you need in a space. For this to happen, the form and function of your space must carry equal weight. Don’t choose a style or look solely because you like it — instead, the area you’re designing for must fit your life and how you intend to use it.

Think about how you’re going to use a piece before you add it to your room, and consider how every piece of furniture and decor will suit your lifestyle. Today’s styles are all about making your space a quality place to live, work, and play.


Opt for Open Floor Plans and Multipurpose Rooms

Modern design relies on open spaces, so opening up a room as much as you can will give you fluidity between areas. Open spaces allow you to utilize both indoor and outdoor light and maximize views and lines of sight. Harness their power by making rooms multipurpose. Combine living and dining areas into one larger space for entertaining, or create multiple conversation areas in a spacious room.  Furniture can reflect a room’s varied uses. For example, a sleeper sofa can turn your living room into an easy extra bedroom when guests spend the night.

Focus on Neutral Colors With Bold Accents

Contemporary design is simple and minimalist, so large areas of bright color go against the austere modern ethic. Use neutral colors as the basis of your room design — grays, blacks, and whites are ideal as foundations for a room design. You can still bring in bold colors in smaller details to add a little of your own character to the space.

Bring in accent colors through your fabric choices, decor, or artwork. You can rely on items like rugs or pillows for “pops” of bold color, or your furniture can introduce contrasting colors and patterns. You can even add an accent wall to highlight artwork or bring in an exciting color that you can’t do without. 


Create Contrast With Texture

Accent colors aren’t the only way to add contract to your modern room. You can also use texture to your advantage. Tactile accents like stone, metal and glass can create their own drama for the eyes and to the touch. Install a smooth floor like hardwood, tile, or polished concrete and break it up with rugs of different textures for variety.

Textured accents and fabrics bring diversity to a space and keep it from becoming monotonous, and even simple pattern textures can add unique effects to your room. Don’t be afraid to explore the difference that textures can make in an elegant and minimalist space.


Take Advantage of Lighting

Lighting isn’t merely functional — you can use it to create contrast and drama within a space. Too many homeowners cover their windows, but you shouldn’t be afraid of utilizing natural light from the outdoors. You can also choose artificial light sources based on the purpose of the room or space you want to illuminate.

Use overhead lighting and floor lamps to bring brightness to larger areas, especially for reading or work. Rely on desk lamps for smaller spaces to illuminate concentrated areas. You can also use wall lighting to highlight decorative items or shelves. Lighting can become a powerful tool to make a modern space more appealing and functional.

Adding elegant modern design to your home doesn’t have to break the bank or equate to making permanent choices. You can save money and incorporate flexibility into your space by renting your furniture with CORT Furniture Rental.


With CORT, you can choose new items and have them delivered and installed. Whether you choose to lease for three months or longer, you have the choice to change out your furniture and decor items and start brand new once your lease is done. 


When you’re ready to give your house a new modern twist, give CORT a call or check out our furniture catalog for exciting ideas and inspiration.