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7 Flexible Furniture Options for Any Home Office

Working from home is becoming increasingly prevalent. The pandemic may have forced you to work from home, but technology has set the stage to allow you to do this successfully. Working from home gives you flexibility and removes the stress of getting back and forth to work during your commute.

Whether your current work situation will become full time or part time, you can make the more out of your home office by choosing to incorporate furniture that flexes with you. These items can make your work-from-home life easier and more comfortable and even make it easy to leave work behind at the end of the day. Here are seven options to consider adding to your home office.

Sit-Stand Desk

Sitting all day long is bad for your health, and has been proven to contribute to boredom. But standing isn’t always an option without the proper equipment. A sit-stand desk makes you less sedentary and improves circulation and concentration.

Flexible desks don’t have to take up much space, and you can go from sitting to standing with a turn of a crank, press of a lever, or a button. They’re easily adjustable, so you don’t have to move from one space to another. If you love your desk and don’t want a whole new one, you can get a module that sits on top of your existing desk and allows you to move quickly from sitting to standing and back again.

Storage Ottomans

If you’re using your living room as your office, where do you put your work items when the workday is over? Your work doesn’t have to get in the way of the rest of your life. Make use of storage ottomans to stash your work items at the end of the day.

Ottomans can be comfortable, stylish, and convenient. Prop your feet up while you’re in that Zoom meeting, or use them as extra surface space throughout the day. They can also become extra seating for family members or if you have clients over to your home office.

Wall Shelving Units

Take your storage to the walls if you want to get rid of it at the end of the day. With wall shelves, you can easily move work items out of sight when the workday ends, especially if you’re working in a room like a laundry or bedroom.

Wall shelves give you the opportunity to get rid of clutter and have a dedicated place for your work items. You can use baskets to hide your work paraphernalia, and you can store files easily with letter or legal size storage boxes or baskets.

Small Writing Desks or Tables

If you’re working in a room with multiple functions, you can opt for a smaller desk in order to save space. Small writing desks can look nice in a room even when you’re not working, yet they give you all the function you need to get your work accomplished. Smaller desks or tables can fit in a bedroom or “cloffice” (closet office) space with ease and not take up too much space in any room. They’re also great for homework or school projects if you keep them in a more common room of the house.

Round Coffee Tables

When you work from home, you’re probably already utilizing your coffee table for storage or keeping paper at the ready, but you can do even more with a round coffee table. If you work from home long enough, you may have to have a meeting with clients or teams, and you can turn your coffee table into a conference table. 

Have meeting participants sit around a round coffee table to serve as a conference table. Use ottomans or folding chairs if you need additional seating. You can choose a coffee table that fits your decor and which will be functional but not look out of place.

Corner Desks

If you’re trying to work in a crowded room, you can take advantage of underutilized space by going into the corner. It’s easy to turn a corner into an office with a desk that fits in the corner and doesn’t take up much room.

Working in the corner of a room allows you to designate that space for work and not feel like work is invading the rest of the room. The return or L-shape of the corner desk allows you to make the most of the corner space, and if you sit in a corner by a window, you’ll always have a view.

Laptop Tables

If you don’t like to stay in one place too long when you work, you can move around easily with the right table. Work in comfort with a laptop table that you can use at any chair in your house. Your laptop table gives you the flexibility to move from room to room to multitask in the laundry room or get out of the living room chaos while you’re trying to pay attention to an online meeting.

Laptop tables are minimalist and portable, so you can easily move them anywhere. You can also stash them out of the way when the work day is done, which allows you to transform your home office back into just your home.

If any of these ideas inspire you, you can achieve a more functional and comfortable home office without busting your budget—especially if your work-from-home situation is temporary. How? By renting your home office furniture instead of buying it.

Renting with CORT Furniture Rental is simple and affordable, and you’re not stuck with furniture that you won’t need long term. CORT has designs and styles that fit every taste so when you’re ready to make the most of working from home, give CORT a call.