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Your Guide to Choosing a Durable Dining Table

Dining tables come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and the variety of styles and features can add a lot of confusion to the process of picking a table for your home. Armed with the right information, you can make the selection process a satisfying adventure. Here's what you need to know to choose the right dining table for your taste and lifestyle.


A cramped dining area can be both uncomfortable and unattractive. Avoid the crush by paying attention to dimensions and working with the space you have. The size you choose should be determined by the space itself and not necessarily by the number of people you want to invite for dinner. Make sure you don’t choose a table that’s too big.
  • Measure the space: Know the dimensions of the room and the table before you make your final decision. Using a diagram and simple arithmetic, determine whether guests will have at least 42 inches of clearance from the edge of the table to the nearest wall. If you have more than 48 inches of clearance on each side, you can size up.
  • Consider a convertible table: Tables with folding ends can offer the perfect solution for small-space entertaining. With these tables, you can fit more guests into your home when needed without taking up too much space on a daily basis with a large furniture piece.


When it comes to style, it’s important to make sure the dining tables you consider fit in with the general aesthetic of your home. One way to get this right is to consider the level of formality you prefer in your furnishings.
Ornamentation, including extra flourishes in the structure of the piece or added details like bevels around the tabletop edge, is more common on traditional than modern furniture. If your sofa and accent furniture pieces all feature clean lines with no ornamentation, a sleek, modern style like the Easton dining table may be the right choice.


Material influences durability, and it also has a big impact on style. A blend of wood and metal can give a table the right amount of rustic/industrial aesthetic for a modern dining area, while an all-glass table can look sleek and glamorous. Details are important, of course. Here’s what you should consider when it comes to materials:
  • Wood: A durable, classic option, wood is also highly versatile in its ability to fit in with a variety of different design schemes. Choose a darker color wood if you want to go with a more traditionally formal look.
  • Glass: Although it isn’t the most durable dining table top material, modern glass is strong and safe enough for just about any home. However, if you plan on ending your dinner parties with some fun table dancing, you should opt for a different material.
  • Metal: Metal isn’t necessarily a common material for a dining table top, but metal legs provide contrast for wood or glass tops. CORT’s Dane dining table is a good example of this.
Once you know what size, style, and materials might work best for you, take some time to shop CORT Furniture Rental’s dining tables. CORT has plenty of great options in different styles and sizes to suit your needs, and you can quickly build an entire suite of coordinating dining room furniture around your table.