Manage headcount fluctuations by renting furniture.

Summer and Fall Associate Programs

Your workspace furniture needs can fluctuate considerably with your summer and fall associate program. Renting furniture gives you the ultimate flexibility. It’s there when you need it, and gone when you don’t. And our wide selection of office furnishings makes it easy to create a customized look, from private offices to open, collaborative areas.

Law firm furniture rental

More people, not enough space. It can work.

We solve your space challenges.

We work with what you’ve got – your space, number of people and their roles, and pull it all together into a space plan that works. From “I” space to “We” space and everything in between, we have the furnishings that give everyone the workspace they need and want. With rental services, you don’t have to worry about what, when or how many. We’ve got it and we make it look so easy.

Why do law firms rent furniture?

Trial sites and short-term trials

Mergers and acquisitions

Summer and Fall associate programs

Satellite offices and war rooms

Reception areas and contract lawyers

Lead times for permanent furniture

Temporary legal contract staffing

 Residential furniture for lawyers

Apartment Touring and Locating Services

Need to relocate an employee? We provide apartment touring, locating and short-term furniture rental packages to help them quickly settle into their new role.

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