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Clients are looking for workspace and furnishings to support how they work today with options for scalability. Furniture rental services, or furniture on-demand, gives them the freedom to flex up or down as their needs change. Help your clients bring their vision to life by recommending CORT.

Collaborative office furniture

Furniture Rental For Your Client’s New Office

Furnish swing space during construction.

If your client is undergoing construction or renovation and is looking for swing space, our furniture rental services can help them get up and running quickly. We have a wide array of furniture, from executive offices to open, collaborative work stations, and our space planning experts will recommend the most efficient design to help employees stay productive. We can provide everything, from office chairs to foosball tables. We even rent coffee machines and storage lockers.

CORT has an extensive national inventory and local sales support, so regardless of what business they’re in, we have the right furnishings for them.

How We Can Help:

Local and national in-stock inventory that gives your client access to what they need, where they need it, when they need it.

Staging services to showcase versatility when helping tenants sublease office space.

Project management business services to help your client get settled in faster.

Professional delivery, installation and pickup from experienced professionals.

Executive office furniture

Stage subleased space to attract prospective tenants.

If you’re helping a tenant sublease office space, bring energy to the space with multipurpose furniture and amenities to showcase versatility. CORT’s furniture rental services can help your client increase their cash flow by quickly subleasing their space.

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