I was pleased with our pre-tour preparation, which gave me confidence and resulted in a full, focused day with no wasted time and highly viable alternatives. With this as a foundation, I was able to make a final choice today and am very happy and excited about it. Philip, Insurance Company
  I just wanted to let you know I had my area orientation tour with CORT this past weekend. It was absolutely fantastic! Our CORT representative did a great job and she knows the city and surrounding area extremely well. I highly recommend her. Specialty Retail, Philadelphia, PA
  We signed the lease today. Thank you for your help and guidance. We had a little negotiating to do at the table about the addendum, but in the end they were not willing to lose the lease over it and we got the 8/1-notice and 10/1-termination dates. I gave on the repair of washer/dryer/refrigerator. So, in the end it was a win-win. I appreciate all you did to get us to "yes".

Thanks for your expertise, David, Aircraft Manufacturing
  A couple of months ago me and my family relocated from Russia to Houston. Heather Williams assisted us in settling here. I'm so grateful to Heather and CORT for that help. She did a really great job. She was so attentive, open and professional. I'm very satisfied with the house she helped me find. The procedures of getting SSN and driving licenses were just smooth with her help. She explained a lot of things in a clear way; it was very interesting to talk to her. Thank you so much. Anton, Oil Services Company
  I really appreciated your assistance. I am enjoying my new house and my son is very happy in the school.

I wish all the best for you and thanks again for your support to get my documentation and to have my life organized in the USA.

Cheers, Ludmila, Oil Services Company

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