Settling-in Services

Once the transferee and the family have arrived, CORT's Destination Services consultant ensures a smooth transition by integrating a comprehensive settling-in program. Our consultant assists with each critical phase of the relocation process.

Depending on each transferee's needs and the approved policy these services might include:

  • Social security registration
  • Assistance with local banking procedures
  • Assist with obtaining a driver's license, auto registration and insurance
  • Assistance with automobile purchase
  • School registration
  • Utilities, phone and cable hook up
  • Identification of medical providers
  • Selection of rental or the purchase of furniture
  • General assistance with local purchase of goods and services (e.g., appliances)
  • Ongoing access to help line
  • Assistance with language training
  • Introduction to expatriate support groups
  • Introduction to other clubs and associations
  • Assistance with securing domestic services (gardener, maid)

Ongoing support is provided throughout the assignment to address critical issues as they arise.

 My family got settled down here in Sugarland recently with your team's professional service! I'm writing to express my sincere thanks to your team. Heather is my consultant and main point of contact with CORT during our transition to the U.S. She is such a nice lady. She waited for our arrival till midnight in the airport without any complaints; she helped us find a comfortable apartment very quickly. She reminded us kindly of all the documents before we went to out for our social security numbers and driving license applications. She guided us around the Houston city with very detailed instructions. She is full of enthusiasm and passion. She makes you feel that you are not just another client of hers, but you are a guest of a hospitable host. Also, she is professional. We got smoothly settled down without any unexpected issues with her help!

Thanks so much for providing efficient and effective relocation services! WE have a very good start here in the U.S. Oil, Houston, TX

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