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When moving to a country where the principal language is not the assignees first language the success of the transition can be greatly enhanced by language fluency. Whether to improve a speaker's limited skills or to increase fluency, CORT offers comprehensive language skills training.

Our global reach allows CORT to provide support anytime, anywhere, in any language. CORT's global presence includes over 500 locations in 70 countries and more than 55 locations in the United States:

  • The method used is the fastest, most effective way to learn a language
  • Our quality assurance processes ensures consistent delivery of the method
  • Language trainers are native-level speakers and our English trainers have an advanced degree or certification in teaching English as a Second Language
  • Programs can be delivered in different formats: At one of our Language Centers, at your location, live online via a virtual classroom or online via blended and self-study options
  • Multiple academic recognitions: ACE recognized, ACCET accredited

Whether an assignee is traveling for business or taking an extended expatriate assignment, doing business effectively often requires some level of proficiency in the language. CORT offers customized language training to help employees and their families achieve their professional and personal language goals.

 I am not going to lie, but I had some uneasy and nervous feelings before the trip and truthfully did not think I would find an apartment or leave St. Louis with a comfortable feeling. To my surprise it was just the opposite! I cannot thank you enough for putting both my parents and I at ease with this whole experience. Being that I am the baby of the family and horrible with directions, they were especially worried about me. You made this process very non-stressful and worry-free. -Pharmaceuticals, St. Louis, MO

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