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CORT is a family-oriented company that recognizes the importance of children’s education and smooth transitioning during a move. Because school should be a place where children can learn to flourish and succeed, CORT is dedicated to helping parents find schools in the new location that fit their children’s educational, artistic, and athletic needs and interests.

Moving internationally can prove to be a tough time to children, who may be resistant to big changes. CORT’s primary goal is to facilitate this moving process and to ensure the best possible school experience for your children. After all, finding the school that best fits your family’s needs is vital to the general success of the move.

With CORT Destination Services on your side, your family will have an assigned consultant who will aid in the process of searching for the right schools for your children. After completing a needs assessment with you and your family, the destination services consultant will:

  • Gather and send you comprehensive information on public and private schools in the new location
  • Provide website links and other resources regarding the test scores, programs, class size, and costs for each potential school
  • Aid in booking appointments for visits to preferred schools in the area
  • Accompany your family to each school visited
  • If applicable, help coordinate testing and admissions applications for the school of choice

Most children do not like to change schools; our objective is to see that a child enters their new school with the best possible experience. We know how important it is to the family and to the overall success of the move.

 Missy was awesome to work with; she has been the best realtor I've had out of all of my house hunting trips! She was very friendly and personable, and before we left she let me know what to expect, the differences in the apartment market compared to Los Angeles and Boston, and she was great at making sure each complex offered me the best deal. Since I was trying to get my apartment hunting trip done in a day, Missy was sensitive to the time constraint and was knowledgeable of the pros and cons of each apartment, which made the process easier because I wasn't wasting my time on apartments that didn't meet my needs. It was great working with your company and thank you for everything :)!   Aerospace, Dallas, TX

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