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For those deciding on relocating, CORT Destination Services offers a comprehensive pre-decision service to aid in the process. Here at CORT, we know the transferee has many factors to consider when deciding to relocate. Assignees often have partners and families that are affected by the change. Sometimes, the partner’s job situation is a determining factor when relocating. It is usually crucial that the assignee’s partner be able to find job in the new destination’s market that is comparable to the current position. Also, the partner may have already dedicated many resources to that specific career path.

A CORT consultant will equip the transferee and their family with a number of resources to make the relocation decision a success. Additionally, the transferee can supplement these pre-decision services with the CORT destination services. One of our expert consultants will help the assignee and their family become oriented with their new location, providing services like finding a new home, appropriate schools, and neighborhood information. Once the consultation is over, CORT continues to supply:

  • Information about nearby companies and organizations
  • A comparable cost of living evaluation
  • Industry-specific incomes and benefits
  • Details on alternatives such as volunteering, nonprofit sectors, and education
  • Job alternatives such as education institutions, volunteer opportunities, and charity work

CORT’s objective is to give a reliable assessment on relocating to a new market and decrease the impact of moving on the assignee and their family.

 I had made contact with Heather by email before I traveled to Houston for my pre-relocation trip in order to organize the details of said trip and she described to me what we would be doing during that trip. I have found the city orientation tour very useful to get an idea of Houston's lay out, activities and main landmarks. I was also able to get all the help necessary to open my bank account. 

Discussing with other colleagues who relocated a few months ago, it appears it really does make a difference to benefit from the services that you offer. As far as I'm concerned my rating with regards to the quality of your services provided is a straight A without a shadow of a doubt. You have set a standard pretty high with regards to assistance of relocation.   Oil, Houston, TX

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More people choose to relocate to Texas than any other state each year, followed by North Carolina and Virginia.