Pre-arrival Assessment

For those looking forward to an international move, CORT Destination Services offers comprehensive assistance from detailed itinerary to effectively tailoring the search for the right home. CORT dedicates each assignee a consultant who will meet with the assignee and the family before their arrival to work out moving details and get to know the family. By doing the groundwork and being prepared, families moving internationally can confidently take the first steps to relocation. The CORT Destination Services consultant is there to make the arrival and first few days a smooth, successful transition. Aside from getting to know more about you, your family and your family’s needs, the consultant will also:

  • Discuss all forms and documents required for the international move
  • Make sure that the family’s needs are met and interests are taken into consideration by inquiring about the family in detail
  • Present ample information about the family’s destination, making sure that the family is well-informed and their unique needs are met
  • Profile and tailor the family’s ideal residence, making the search for the right home both efficient and effective when examining a multitude of choices
  • Outline an itinerary for the family which will detail aspects such as arrival time, pick up time, pick up place, and mode of transportation

Finally, once the CORT Destination Services consultant has gotten to know the family, their needs, and their expectations for the move, CORT will confirm the location of the temporary living arrangements where the journey will begin!

 If (Company) ever needs relocation assistance in the Denver area, I highly recommend CORT and Kathleen. Their level of customer service prior to my arrival as well as during the tour was of the highest standard. In your industry, you must come across people that face several difficult decisions and options daily and working with a company like CORT made the process smooth, comfortable, friendly, professional and manageable.  Food and Beverage, Denver, CO

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